[DEBATE!] Hot wheels Vs. Matchbox

the rivaly of the ages, Which is better, Hot Wheels, or Matchbox?

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Hot wheels, by a long shot


Uh… I think I had Hot Wheels as a kid? Forgot Matchbox was a thing, if that says anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Hot Wheels is so much cooler.

Hotwheels has Halo, so yeah.

Hot Wheels’ number one

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Hot Wheel for me. They have a track system, matchbox does not. That and they gave us Acceleracers, what more could you ask for?

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The only good Matchbox is the one you use to hold matches.

They have SO much more than that. Water Color Changing, pull-back, and all that fun stuff. I think Hot Wheels has introduced some of the most revolutionary play gimmicks ever.

I mean, this isn’t close to being exclusive to Hot Wheels.

Yes, cars that change color with water, but do it so poorly that the reviews inspired my parents not to get it for me for Christmas all those years ago, super revolutionary

I’m joking, Hot Wheels has some neat stuff for kids. Those dinosaur Trick-Tracks were my jam back in the day.

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Huh, It worked perfectly fine in the reviews I watched for it.

yeah, I had the color changing invader. I could actually get it to change without water.



By either holding it in my hands, or breathing on it, but it only worked on small parts of it, in order to get full color change it needs water. It appears it’s temperature based, which makes more sense than liquid.

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Is this a debate or a Hot Wheels Appreciation topic?


supposed to be a debate but it’s extremely one sided so far.

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I actually want to know if there’s someone who prefers Matchbox.

Hot wheels relies too much on licensed toys, so it’s pretty terrible in my eyes


yeah, it didn’t used to be that way.