Deception of the 8th Toa?

Me and @ZceeNook Are working on some art, and the general concept of story and personality for the character! We’ll make another post when we’re finished. But @ZceeNook’s drawing is AMAZING!

What if Karrzahni’s first move when he returns, as was discussed in the last podcast, was to create a fake 8th Toa? Like a spy for him, or an assassin. After a while the real Toa could discover him, and he’d be sent back to his master. They’d probably believe him at the start, due to Voriki also arriving after the first 6 toa. Not sure what kind of element he might have, but it could be interesting. I was going to draw him, and I might later if anyone’s interested in that.
Maybe after a while, Karrzahni’s 8th toa could actually turn to the light, but he’s deemed untrustworthy. Share your thoughts!


I like the concept… but I am not sure… if it would be a thing.

Still I am posetive about it!

I mean if I were a bodyless shape I would like a champion/avatar in this world.

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I like it. Makes alot of sense and would be cool.

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I will add this concept to my upcoming rogue toa concepts. I’ll be sure to give a shoutout for the idea.


Poison, probably.

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I feel like that would make it kinda obvious. How about sunshine? Rainbows? /s

In all seriousness, maybe ‘sound,’ or more technically the manipulation of mechanical waves?

Eh, poison is a pretty negative element but not downright evil, so it’s subtly pointing out that not all is well.

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His element should be memes.

Kidding, And I’m glad to see you all like the idea. keep sharing what sort of power he/she should have.

I’ve always been drawn to fallen Toa characters. I do think it would be a cool addition to the story, Karzahni would definitely be the one to create a Toa like this.

How about sonics?

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Anyone reading Lovecraft will know insanity is a powerful thing.

Illusions is a good one too but we got a mask for that…

I guess him being a Toa from the past would resolve in him having powers to rival the Toa of Ligthing.

I feel like making an Earth wind and fire joke…

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Perfect! A toa that seemingly appears to help with coordination, claiming the voices are fellow toa. Only to be revealed as the Toa of Madness! Planning on driving his righteous counterparts insane.

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What about toa of magnetism, you know, to symbolize both sides/poles, good and evil

Well… They are made from metal…

I am not sure if that would be too powerful??

But I feel ligthing is a over element to magnetisme… you know Electricity n stuff…

Its unlikely that we’d ever introduce any other Toa characters besides the 7 already confirmed to appear, though I don’t necessarily dislike the story options between Karzahni’s involvement and an deceptive Toa.

As of right now Voriki will be our only Toa character outside of the main 6, and we’ll likely be exploring morally ambiguous/deceptive motivations with her.


Oh well, it’s still there as a possible, interesting plot device.

So… If I do a great enough peice of art to convince you (and the rest of the cast) would you consider it?

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oooh, can I help?

Doubt it, but you can certainly try. We’re extremely steadfast in wanting to keep our focus on the main six.

He’d probably only be round fro a little while, the six need some enemies to fight, don’t they? Not like he needs any major focus.