Destiny Vs Halo

Hi guys, Coolio here today yet again with something for both Destiny and Halo fans. Which is better. I having played both games at least once, cannot decide! I might prefer Destiny a bit more, because of the fact it is on multiple consoles and not one. However, you can also decide! Feel free to opinionate.
@Eljay I know you will say Halo is a winner and then you will tell me to 1v1 you. And put your thoughts down below. Thanks. :smile:

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I MUCH prefer Halo, Destiny was fun at first but up until the Taken King the story was crap.

Having put hundreds of hours into both franchises, I think Halo is the better constructed game overall. Unlike Destiny, Halo has always had a story. The multiplayer is much more fleshed out, offering custom options, competitive skill ranking, a map editor, and is MUCH better suited for esports. Destiny is definitely more addicting, though, and after 14 years of Halo games, feels much more fresh. It’s kind of hard to compare the two because they are trying to be two different types of sci-fi first person shooters.

I have never played the 2 but I would rather play Destiny. A lot of my friends recommend Destiny because of new content n’ such. Halo though is a well polished fun multiplayer first person shooter. With suits.

Change this statement.


Seriously, Destiny is good, but still nowhere near the level of Halo. Halo is a well polished, very well though out franchise. The story for Destiny year one was thought up in less than a year. Destiny can also be very grindy at times cough exotic sword cough, and even with the fixes in year two, it’s still a very flawed game. Halo is the much superior and imo, enjoyable experience.


And how is THAT a good thing?

No. Destiny is made by Bungie. It’s published by Activision. Also, Activision publishing the game is not a good thing.

@HewkiiDaKohliiHead The fact Call of Duty is so popular, does that not make the publisher popular? Activison has a lot of money.

Activision is not regarded as that great of a company, despite its popularity. It chopped up Destiny into the DLC trap it is today.

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@SammySpartan According to recent sources, Destiny had a completely different story, originally intended to be rated M. However, the story was changed last minute, thus being rated T.

I am aware. It was still changed in the last minute, an it is still bad.


Don’t care for either. FPS games give me motion sickness.
Halo I can at least respect for it’s longevity and stable quality.
Destiny’s current state is sad.


Halo has started going down the crapper.

Destiny already started knee deep in it.

I choose Just Cause 3



Halo has a better story, more balanced multiplayer (at least in 1, 2, 3 and 5, can’t say Reach because of armor lock) and doesn’t make you download their app to get any form of story info to give you context to what’s going on

Alright, I am going to throw in my opinion: I prefer Halo. I haven’t really played it, but I have sort of read up on the lore and I have read a lot about the flood. I really like the Flood.

They’re not really comparable, to be honest, but for the sake of this post I’ll weigh the pros and cons of both.

The story of Halo wrecks Destiny’s on every conceivable level because it’s actually in the game and not stupid cryptically worded cards on a website.

Destiny is a bootleg MMO primarily geared towards cooperative, PvE gameplay against AI opponents, with a separate and decently large focus on PVP combat in the Crucible.

Halo is more run-of-the-mill FPS with a cooperative campaign, focus on PVP content, and cooperative PvE gameplay in the form of several modes that tend to cycle in-and-out through the different games (Firefight, Spartan Ops, Warzone).

Halo’s PVP multiplayer stomps all over Destiny’s Crucible. Like, it’s really not even a fair comparison to make. It’s on a completely different level. Halo’s multiplayer is nuanced, strategic, and places strong importance on map control, power weapon control, skill, reaction time, strafing, etc. Destiny’s Crucible places far too much emphasis on randomness, with one-hit-kill weapons running rampant, unpredictable loadouts and weapons that can attack you at any point, and overpowered Supers that can randomly kill you with little-to-no defense against them. It’s still fun, but Halo outclasses it in almost every way.

The reason that’s okay, though, is that unlike Halo, Destiny’s PVP isn’t its primary focus. It’s an entirely different game; Halo primarily revolves around PVP Multiplayer, Destiny is a coop looting online shooter with friends, and that’s where it excels. Halo has nothing like that; running strikes and raids with friends, doing Daily missions and Weekly events, trying to do convoluted questlines to get exclusive Exotic weapons… that’s an experience that I can only have in Destiny, and it’s where the true strengths of that game lie.

Both are solid franchises and are currently my two favorite franchises in Gaming by sole virtue of playing them a ton (and the fact that Nintendo’s never gonna make a new Metroid game). I love 'em both for different reasons.



rip in rip

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@Mesonak I wonder if Eljay would give his thoughts on this topic.

I can give an approximation

“1v1 me in Halo scrub.”