an Art medium where people post or create art. Not one of the safest places but It’s good for posting some art


It’s slowly turning to crap IMO ;-; it’s so sad!


that seems like broad term for some parts of the internet. I see they replaced Premium for some ‘Core’ thing

Ads are everywhere, mobile site is horrid, and uploading pics is overly tough. I much prefer this site to upload things and this site isn’t just mean for art! Through my years on deviantart I’ve noticed the quality just go down hill and it makes me sad.

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I… don’t really mind that actually.

Mind which part?

the points you’ve stated.

Do you use the mobile site at all?

Oh, for that I agree, it’s unusable.

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The community is always rubbish, it generates money based on quantity of users, not quality of their works. There are good art but other user won’t improve if they don’t know their mistake by looking deep outside of reality and “web-info”.


You forgot to mention the issue where NOBODY LOOKS AT YOUR STUFF!


Moved to Internet -Not legomaster

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I agree than half of DA is full of crappy stuff and people,but i made great friends there and there’s also alot of amazing artists

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I actually have a DA account. Most of my followers are friends of friends that I made. I only made 8 followers on there, while one of them is a real-life friend. He got a bunch of his friends to follow me to make me feel better, but they honestly don’t comment or do anything. They’re more into their fandoms and social stuff, which sucks. Also, a lot of them stopped following me, probably because I don’t do their kind of stuff.

This is my DA account. Yay, I guess. Don’t have many true followers.


Promoting yourself outside the category!!


I donut understand.
Please help.

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Well I have one,and here it is.

I have a DeviantArt.
Go look it up.
I’m not gonna post it here, because I don’t wanna get flagged.

jk lolz


For one example; some people can’t take criticism, the poster usually ignore them and continue the work like many. But if it’s something that many dislike, they will continue making the same mistakes, because nobody can tell them, that they suck.

If anyone cares, here’s mine.