Did Anyone Else Like Hero Factory?

A lost cause, it seems.

You do you, then.

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Not really"a lost cause", I don't hate it like most people. The story just had wasted potential. It wasn't horrible, just could have been better

I loved HF, Breakout was my favorite wave, I thought it was amazing. But… When Brain Attack arrived, I just sorta lost interest, and didn't even like it anymore. I did get all the sets from the first 4 waves though.

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Honestly, HF had charm to it. I didn't hate it, but the story was underwhelming(Granted, I only saw the Nickelodeon Pilot).

The Savage Planet story was pretty awesome though. It reminds me of Throwbots

Just a quick question, in Savage Planet, were the heroes actually given legit "animal powers" from their armor and weapons? From the way Zib described it, it seemed like the heroes did gain animal abilities, but when fighting Witch Doctor and his beasts, the heroes fought no differently than they would in 2.0 form...

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From what I've gathered, yes. Nex gets Tiger powers, Rocka gets wolf powers, etc.

They just had different gear inspired by animals. No powers.
(Rocka had lion powers.)

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@Chro which lead to chima

Hero factory is just a joke, I like to tease Chronicler about it all the time, kinda feel sorry for Mark Hamel who had to voice act for Vonn Ness. Also the only good thing it brought was its build but even then they should have explored new characters intead of the same old team that always needs an upgrade.

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you're actually worse than your brother

that was a joke, and I apologize for being an cool dude


HF had some interesting sets and the building system it gave us is great

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I got A TON of them! it was my life for the last few years and I remember it fondly....I like it more then Bionicle G1 or G2. or any other line by LEGO.

haters...send your hate mail to someone who cares..

I also got EVERY FURNO SET EVER.....cuz.... I am.....crazy....


I liked the sets, for the parts. The story was naff though.




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I did! they are not all in one piece cuz I would combine them to make my own Furno...but yea. every...friggen....one...

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Even the minifigs from Furno Jet machine, Splitter Beast, and Queen Beast?

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YUP! got em all! even the Furno bike!

I also got two Furno 3.0 sets.....cuz I had one...and I lost his helmet, so then my little bro got me another one for christmas!....after I found the other ones helmet....but eh..I still used the parts..

I also got that Furno watch thingy for that same christmas...man that was a good haul..


git bak on topc ;_;

Furno was one of the only Hero Factory sets I liked, mainly because they all of really good parts. But man, this Christmas I got Pohatu Mata, and a few Playstation 1 games. I had a good haul as well

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Indeed. I MOCed with red a lot. so it was good for me. and I had a Playstation 1 as well...but it blew up..

@SHAYMIN36 is right...

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*I take most of what I said back. I've watched through some HF stuff, and...

I like it.

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