Did Anyone Else Like Hero Factory?

Hero Factory was great. A universe which is fun to build upon, great characters, a new and innovative building system, and on occasion, fantastic sets.

I was somewhat sad to see it go, as there was a lot of untapped potential with it. But, G2 Bionicle is just as good, so I shan't complain. I can always create my own Hero Factory sequel :smile:


i thought HF was okay.

Hero Factory was AMAZING!!!

Young-Tuma saw Furno (who is still one of my all time favorite characters to this day!) in the store and simply ran over and bought him. I had SO much fun! My hero factory universe is kinda strange though, as Furno 2.0 is a separate person who uses his "pie vision goggles" to find pie, and, in what is now an alternate universe, Furno, dubbed Lord Furno, was essentially Megatron, with Surge as Starscream! I also loved the story, as it was easy to build upon and make it as dark as I desire, which, believe me when I say I did! Man! It would take this entire topic to tell you guys of all of the adventures my heroes have gone on! 20/10.

-Lord Tuma

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I thought a while now about this and I think that Hero Factory had its highlights aswell as its disappointments, just as BIONICLE (just remember the Stars for example).

Hero Factory introduced a bnew building system that is still controversial among Lego and especially BIONICLE-fans. However, I like the building system because it allows to give MOCs this "smooth look". It can also be combined with the "BIONICLE building system" (technic build) very well.

The sets looked all very solid but nothing special. Due to the building system they chosed for Hero Factory covering the back of the sets was not often done.

The TV show... nah... I didn't like it. First when I read that there will be a TV show (back in 2010 or 2011 I think) I was really hyped but after I watched some episodes then.. I was like "meh".

I am not a fan of HF but it was a line that had its right to be.

P.s. I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistakes in this text. English is not my primary language but I really love it and am gratefull for corrections.

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I actually liked HF quite a bit. I don't like to be bitter about things, so I was glad that BIONICLE at least got a successor, rather than just being dismayed at the fact that G1 was over.

That said, I think HF had tons of potential...not all of which was realized. I liked keeping the same group of core characters, as their varied appearances were much easier to explain as upgrades, rather than some convoluted mutation/transformation. The concept was really interesting, and every year I wanted to see where the story team ran with it. I just never felt like they reached the maximum potential that they could've. I mean, they had MARK HAMILL as Von Nebula, doing his Fire Lord Ozai voice, and only used him for like...10 minutes. The character should have been more visible.

Also, what exactly was Stormer's connection to Fire Lord? They met at some point, I know, but that was sort of left out to dry.

Savage Planet was...meh. Not too memorable.

Breakout was my personal favorite, because of the variety of villains we got, and I thought that episode was the least cringeworthy.

Brain Attack was alright. The sets were pretty good, but the story was average.

IFB was an interesting concept with good sets, but it didn't exactly follow from Brain Attack. I might get some hate, but it's episode was the best, IMO, because it channeled the spirit of HF the most, aside from Rise of the Rookies. Sure, the identical-sounding voices were odd, but the lines didn't sound nearly as bad to me as they did in the earlier episodes. IDK...

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The moral of Hero Factory always bothered me.

Remember kids, heroes are built to be perfect. Hard work and effort doesn't make you great.


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I like the sets a lot, my favourite series being breakout. The story was bad so I invented my own one, taking inspiration from the actual story and making it much much darker and cooler. I owe it a lot though- I probably wouldn't be here without HF.

I would have loved your version to be the canon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Meh. To me, Hero Factory was kind of only good for CCBS parts.

-Prepares for hoard of fans-

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Judging by how few people have commented here, I'm guessing the horde is still coming slowly.
I myself liked hero factory's models and system for the most part. I feel that Hero factory's pinnacle and peak was breakout, the best wave IMO. I loved breakout. Overall, I liked hero factory!

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This. I loved Breakout, as well as the a lot of the villains throughout the years, specifically the first. Other than that, the sets were okay, though were kind of uninteresting, especially Savage Planet and the fire one. Brain Attack is the only line I consider to be, well, bad. I appreciated the original idea of Invasion from Below, though the sets ended up being average.

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Congrats. you are my best friend.

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Fair enough. I think that a couple of brain attack sets were decent, but there were a few really bad ones. The villains are great for the most part (Break out and before). I actually have my own sort of story going on where after breakout, a villain factory was made and an all-out war began, in which hero factory had to give up some of its nobility and quality to be able to keep up. The escaped villains joined the war. Also, meltdown and corridor get upgraded (especially meltdown, who now has cultists and practically rules a small planet). Core hunter never was captured. Also, there is a rogue army called the grey knights made up unfeeling super warriors dedicated to killing those who are "impure", so villains and most recent heroes.
Also, I appreciate it. lord Tuma. I also like how easy it is to expand on the universe.

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Story was pretty bad IMO but the sets weren't as bad. Breakout and 3.0 were good waves though, but they still retained some problems that I had with subsequent HF sets.

Also breakout wave 2 sucked.

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Not imo. Core hunter was great, speed demon was cool, stormer XL was nice, stringer had a good gun....
IMO breakout wave 2 was still good.

Personally, I stuck with HF because I saw it had potential, ESPECIALLY when Breakout came around. After that, though, it started to dwindle a bit. We never got confirmation if the Brain Facility was what the Hero Factory plans were used for, and we never got closure on who the Dark Maker was, also, 2013 and 2014's cliffhangers went unresolved, we don't know if Stringer and Nex were killed or not, and other things. Like I said, it HAD potential, but it was wasted away after Rocka got the spotlight every freakin year he was in except Invasion from Below, but all the Heroes had a personality wipe around then anyways. (Thanks, Ghost.) However all the villain sets were spot-on, and all the hero sets from Breakout and onward were fantastic. :smiley:


I can mostly agree with that.
I'm not a bg fan of how the heroes looked in invasion from below, though.
I loved the villains and continue to make my own. In my story, the HF plans were used to construct a "villain factory" that later waged all-out war on the heroes, Using the original breakout as a way to keep the heroes busy while they made the factory. Now, They re-broke out some key villains and unleashed all the old and new villains in a single wave, throwing the galaxy into chaos. Te heroes were forced to begin killing villains in order to survive, as well as beginning to become a government/ military with lots of expendable, morally empty "enforcer" heroes. So, all-out war began, with old heroes questioning what their new roles as leaders mean to them, old villains being upgraded (Meltdown has taken over a planet with nanobots that react to quaza with sudden growth and mind control, turning heroes into zombie-like mutants. Also, he as a cult that worships him as a god... with Stringer and a strike team being sent to take him out[I haven't gotten to the showdown yet]).

I liked it only for the parts. The story was meh and forgettable and to me it had a lot of wasted ideas they could of used. It's sad honestly had some good sets but it's own down fall I feel was how simple it was and it worries me gen 2 bionicle may end the same fate.

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Considering G2 new sets, I think they'll be fine. Also, there are lots and lots of fans of Bionicle to buy G2, so Lego gives it plenty of money to spend on its sets.

I enjoyed Hero Factory. The sets were great (the villains, mostly. There were a few Heroes that stood out). The story was meh. I wish they had wrapped up the Breakout storyline.

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