Did You Guys Ever Read The Bionicle Books?

Well I just finished bionicle Chronicles book 1 and I’m glad I read it. It explained the basic story but more in detail and with a lot more description. I also have the next three books so while I’m reading them I’ll look for more bionicle books online boyeee!!


We are literally the biggest and most popular Bionicle community still on the net.

If we haven’t read the books than no one has.


Ok ok I’m a nub but hey who cares right?

I never read the books, but I read all the graphic novels they just appeal to me more.

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I own all these books but I’ve never read them.


I’ve read only a couple of the books.
I think I spent more money on the sets than anything else…

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Let’s try to take a more polite tone when talking to people, m’kay? Thanks.


I’ve read, like, half the books? Getting my hands on the others is on my to do list. Especially Time Trap.

I’ve read all the books in the ignition trilogy, read only a few bits of anything else

I own all the old chapter books, sticker books, comics, and guides prior to '06. They used to sell the chapter books in packs through Scholastic.

At the moment I have almost all of them

(picture quality is not the best but you get the idea)

I’ve read them all up to Swap of Secrets, and in the near future I will surely finish reading the entire collection (including Level 3 books and the other “world building” books, like the Rahi and Dark Hunters books)

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I havent read any of them due to them not available for purchase in my country and now free online.

I didn’t start reading the books until 2014 actually. I’ve taken several breaks in between but I’m currently in the middle of the Legends series.

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I own and have read (and probably memorized) every book except for legends #11.

I think of the actual storyline books I’m only lacking Adventures 5 and 7.

Otherwise I have both encyclopedias, the books about the Rahi and the Dark Hunters, Mata Nui’s Guide to Spherus Magna and the horrible German translation of Makuta’s Guide to the Universe.

I actually got the first books at a time I couldn’t even understand English - but I was so interested in what they had to tell that every evening my dad would help me understand one entry in the encyclopedia. And man was I proud of myself when eventually I managed to read and understand that Nidhiki short story at the end of the first encyclopedia all by myself…


Ive read one.


Seriously, the comic about the mahri is amazing.

Some of the worst Bionicle comics, in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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I’ve read almost all of them. I didn’t read the movie adaptions and I’m fairly certain I missed one of the Metru or Mata books.

When I was really young my school library had a lot of Bionicle books. My normal library here has the first 4 Bionicle Chronicles books. Of course I’ve read them all.

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I’ve read all the main chapter books, but alas, the comics and “kiddie” books I have not.