Did You Guys Ever Read The Bionicle Books?

I read Time Trap a few days ago on BMP, it was awesome. :smiley:

(Time Trap and the Legacy of Evil are the two most hard to find books in my public library system)

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Haven’t red them but I have listened to some of them with the audio narration project when I went skiing last year and I enjoyed them.

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You’re gosh darn right I read the books!

This book is freaking impossible to find in print; it is the only novel that is missing from my collection. I look every time I go to a thrift store, since that is where the rest of my collection has come from. I have seen every other book multiple times (I could have 5 or 6 Chronicles series if I wanted), but I have never seen Time Trap. In fact, I have only ever seen a single picture of a hard copy in someone’s collection in my entire time on the internet.


Yes. Absolutely

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Yes, and I really enjoyed the Adventures series! Adventures #3: The Darkness Below is one of my favorites to read, and I feel like it is a little known story to most. I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to read it, but it is essentially a body-snatcher horror story in the Metru Nui archives. Definitely give it a read if you’re curious.

That book is definitely within my top 2! I especially like the scene in which Krahka takes on Nokama’s form and assaults Vakama

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Did you try amazon.com?

I’ve been slowly collecting them all, is Makuta’s guide to the universe any good (as in does it have info that’s just there)

I’ve read one of the comics and nine of the books.

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It is fabulous, the fact that it contains the last chapters to a lot of the 08 of the serials is great to refresh your Memory.

And it’s loaded with tons of info including a map of the mu

The book is the original source for plenty of information that is not included in any other books.

(Of course, all of this info has been compiled on BS01 if that’s all you’re interested in though)

I’ve read everything except the book form of MoL and ROSS.

I think I’ve read 9 of the novels, 1 of the graphic novels, and 1 encyclopedia.

I think I’ve read all the guidebooks as well sans the updated encyclopedia.