[Digital Render] Slizer Spark

[Digital Render] Slizer Spark by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

This is a reimagination of a set “8521: Spark” from classic LEGO action figure line Slizer/Throwbots.

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Spark | Flare | Blaster | Millennium


How does it even stand?

Anyway needs a bit more bulk.

With its feet???


With the 3 segmented feet it would collapse most likely

I dunno I feels empty on the top of the big arm. Might just be me…

It has pretty much standard Slizer feet??? And poseable legs that allow to place the model in any pose I want??? Thus promoting stability???

Crap. Meant Legs… :stuck_out_tongue:
The legs make the model seem unbalanced

Thankfully LLD lets you use artistic license.


The fact you can pose a model basically however you want…

I probably should make myself more clear next time…

That’s not what an artistic license is???