[Digital Render] The Kestrel (FTL: Faster Than Light)

[Render] The Kestrel by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

So, maybe someone remembers: in 2014 there was a LEGO CUUSOO project based on indie rogue-lite game “FTL: Faster Than Light”. It have reached 10k supporters, but was not approved by the Lego Group.

Well, one of the dudes who ran the project was me. Back then I was known under the CrashSanders alias. Things have changed since…

Here’s how Kestrel looked like in the game:


Thats a nice ship design thou i have never heard of this cuusoo project before.

Quite a bummer it did not get accepted by lego.

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Thank you. =)

no problemo!

Pretty interesting. Seems like it would fit in Mfz Intercept Orbit

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You think? I am not quite familiar with the scale MFZ IO.

Not so much scale, but just the size. Ships are normally within 16 studs in length.

Scale is also important. :stuck_out_tongue: Kestrel is a courier ship, approximately Firefly/Serenity sized, maybe less. I feel like in MFZ IO 16 studs belong to bigger ships.


I’m talking from a gameplay perspective though. Scale itself didn’t really cross my mind.

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Nice moc
It looks similar to the micro ships from lego star wars