Dinoponera gigantea

Dinoponera gigantea (pics).
(alternative failed photoset)


Lot’s of detail.


Color me creeped out. Good MOC, though. Bit monochrome, but then that looks accurate to the pictures. Particularly impressed with how you managed to use the armor shells to pretty much eliminate gappiness.


I think you uploaded the wrong pics, all I can see is an ant, where is the moc at


Looks awesome! Nice use of the Bionicle “movie Kraakhan”.

This is probably the most accurate real life lifeform made out of bonkle I have ever seen :no_mouth:

From afar I probably wouldn’t even tell the difference


That is all
It’s very accurate

Excellent work with the shaping and posture; looks just like a real ant!

Looks just like a real ant! Really good work.

It is AWSOME it flows so smoothly

The accuracy and level of detail are remarkable. I especially like that you were able to alleviate any potential gaps with the armor placement.

If I saw a real ant that big I would go crying in my room.

I must say, your ability to replicate more organic designs with clever uses of parts is quite impressive.

The anatomy is all accurate here as far as I can tell. Nice work.

When I first saw that I almost stepped on my screen!! That looks awesome keep up the good work!

this looks incredibly realistic

Nice use of the MEK in the abdomen, really helps to complete that tapering look.

my God what the heeck this is really slick, its too smooth and too perfect, Lego should make sets like this. I would buy all of them.

Anthony? Is that you?

But can it hold Ant-man? That’s the important question.


Impressive work here. I really like the shaping you’ve pulled off, it’s really creepy looking on a scale this large.

I like it.