Dinosaur Topic

because who doesn't like the prehistoric ancestors of birds and the legendary large lizards of our past?


Yay! I was just talking with @Hordika about a topic for dinosaurs...

I feel like most still think of them as the more reptilian depictions that we originally thought they would be. It is more likely that they had feathers, similar to a bird.

Well only the ones like Velociraptor and a few others have feathers...

We have found a place to call home. I did find a topic for favorite dinosaurs, but this is a general I guess

The Ankylosaurus, Compy, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus and the Dreadnaughtus are pretty cool. Those are the ones I think are my favorite this week stuck_out_tongue

There are dinosaurs that disprove that they were birds. Only a handful had feathers. I can't remember of the top of my head, but I'll look into it

I know that a few had them, such as the aforementioned Velociraptor and T-Rex, but I was also aware that quite a few didn't, including the Brontosaurus and the Torosaurus. I should have been a bit more descriptive. (That is definitely something I need to work on wink)

But now, the age-old question:

Real Dinosaurs, or Pop-Culture Dinosaurs?

Yes, those are the same species.


I also know the Quanlong had feathers, but maybe we'll never know which truly is real....


Definitely Pop-Culture. Not only does it look about 50% more intimdating, but the real one's arms just don't have the same effect.




I know, right? Jurassic Park Dinosaurs are so much cooler than real ones, I mean, just look at THIS,

And then look at THIS.



Ric Flair is so old he's basically a dinosaur.

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ey b0ss

that's an interpretation of IF the T-rex had feathers

it's not really feathered, and we don't have proof

so JP is more accurate

besides take yer discussion to that other topic I linked ye?

It's funny, 'cause I just saw JW today.

Dinos are technically lizards. I doubt they had feathers.

This article is a good, short read about Dinosaurs:

I'm not sure of its accuracy, but it seems pretty convincing. wink

Only the raptors, few select members of the Tyranosaurus family, a few odities here and there, generally mostly theropod dinosaurs did have feathers\



searches for his evidence


throws youtube video from someone


[Sees YouTube video] OK, let's do this.[Then sees runtime]

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what? It aint as long as some video game cutscene movies on youtube. Some of those are nearly 10 hours

if it's anything to ya, just skip over a few seconds to speed it up

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No, it's fine. It seems pretty interesting just a few minutes in, though.

the guy's got good videos on dinosaurs

anyway Plural, if you want summery, the guy states that there's 40-41 dinos with direct evidence of feathers, anything else?