Dioristin, the Obsidian Demon (WIP)

I’m not really sure if this is a WIP, but it’s not finished so it’s still technically WIP, I guess.
I’ve been working on this MOC for a few days, and only now have I finished it to the point where I can show it. So, here it is, the Obsidian Demon. That needs a name, so suggest me one, maybe.

Front (Holy crap, the lighting looks good for once.)

Back (Which needs some fine-tuning)


And finally, generic pose.

That’s it for this WIP, name suggestions and improvement suggestions would be nice. I’ll go work on the head, now.


Careful about showing a MOC so early in its development. Don’t want to get… AHEAD of yourself!

I’ll go now.

In all seriousness, I’m hyped to see the head. The head can sometimes make or break a MOC, at least if its buildable and not the regular skull piece.


Looks really cool thus far. For a head, I’d recommend a Stronius head (from 2009/2010) if you have it.

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Looks solid. I like the crystal addons for the shoulders. Also I agree with @TheRed1s, I would try a Stronius head.

However, one thing I would do is try to smooth out the textures. You have both jagged, spiky pieces and the smooth round addons on his upper arms. I would suggest removing the addons on the upper arms and finding different pieces for that.

Puns are great. Thanks for the advice, also.
Sadly, I do not have a stronius head. I may order one on Bricklink, but I don’t know. Also thanks.
As I said above, I do not have a stronius head, but I might order one on Bricklink. I’ll be sure to change the upper arm add-on pieces though. Also, thanks.

I like this. Has a pleasing look.

The build flows together very nicely. I look forward to the final project.

Nice MOC, I look forward to that head
I have some name suggestions:
(pyro-xen-te) This is a name of igneous rock
Of course can’t forget
Crystal Crusher
Most of these name s I came up are mash up of rock names and syllables.

Thanks! I think you’ll like the updated version, then.
Thanks! As I said above, you’ll probably like the updated version, too.
Thanks! I’ll most likely use one of those names, not sure which though.