Disabilities for matoran

Before you guys shut this down, hear me out.

What if we could have the matoren have things that are deformations of such. An example could be that matoren A is a average matroren, and matroren B has dyslexia, this could help make the fictional characters relatable. I mean, sure they are background/less important characters but this could help with marketing. Just keep it to a minimum so that this does not come off as insulting or offensive.


I don’t think this is a good idea. People don’t want lines where certain conditions are added for purely marketing and commercial standpoints. If this were to ever be a thing which I don’t think it should, the characters should play some decently important role in the story, not as something to appeal to more people for marketing reasons. With lines like this, role-models for people to look up to, and if characters with disabilities are added purely for the same of being relatable or for profit, then people could feel like they are only being used for marketing.


Did not think of that, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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Also, I don’t think robots (or mostly robotic beings) would get disabilities. If they were originally defective they would most likely be rebuilt.

They’re not robots in G3. They’re biological.


Dang it. I thought this was ask greg for some reason. Welp.

Isn’t Kopaka technically disabled with his bad eye?

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I’m talking in the sense of like, dyslexia, as mentioned in the main post. But also, that goes with my point, he’s a main character. But if you threw in some really minor characters with disabilities, it wouldn’t be nearly the same.

Yeah, but that’s also a design factor to look cool, and isn’t outright screaming disability, since It’s also pretty common in media.

I can see why the idea wouldn’t work. Minor characters with disabilities, unless they were to gain more major roles, wouldn’t really have any reason to have them. I remember reading the post Apotheosis by @DarkMaestro where the character Helryx has a prosthetic (or peg leg) which makes her look more interesting and adds to her history.

I think receiving a scar like that (to the point where one eye is a different color to the other) would impair his vision (seen here), as well as warrant for a mask built to aid him.

Yeah. I’m not saying it’s not a disability. Like you said, it’s a design choice to make the character interesting.


We can also have characters who are veterans who have scars, mental or physical. This can also play into the civil war aspect.

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I prefer that idea more than a matoran with a disability, though I wouldn’t mostly say Veteran. Instead that character would have gone through an event that could have scared them or traumatized them, probably like Bruce Wayne when he was young. But I can still see that could still be the case if it was a character that might have been in a war, causing them to have maybe a scar or never was the same person before the war or event.


Having characters with PTSD-eque symptoms is walking a dangerous line, depending on how deep the story goes into it. PTSD is pretty dark for a pseudo Lego theme, and could be bad if not written well in the story.
Physical disabilities are not too bad, but if you start delving into mental truama/disabilities, it’s going to be tough to portray it properly while still not getting too mature for a younger audience. It’d probably be best to avoid that can of worms altogether. :confused:


I also did not think of that. Geeze, I need to think-through stuff before I type it.

It could be funny to see a water tribe matoran with a peg leg.

So… Helryx from Apotheosis?


We could go all out Stero types…

Stone matorans being steadfast and sturborn creatures but often stupid as a rock.

Water matorans Just rolling with most things but shifty and impulsive…

FIre matorans are powerful just ill tempered

And so on

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Yeah, but that feels too cliché.

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