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Well, the only Doctor Who related topic here is about @CommanderSpencer’s MOCs. (Which are pretty good, you should check them out if you consider yourself to be a decent human being.)

The title pretty much speaks for itself, this is where Whovians can post just about anything about the show (preferably without spamming it with this stuff: omg ist teh bst shw evar!!!111one!!1!).
Have fun, I guess.

(Please forgive my n00bishness, I’m still relatively new to the “Topic Creators Club”.)


omg ist teh bst shw evar!!!111one!!1!

Honestly though, Doctor Who. Really good show.


I’ve seen a few episodes. Not bad. Don’t really follow it or watch it constantly though.

Unite my friends!

Unite fellow Whovians!

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I has watched New Who up to the beginning of Season 6. I may or may not have tried to watch Seasons 4-7 before the premiere of Season 8 (and failed).


omg ist teh bst shw evar!!!111one!!1!

Spoilers, sweetie.

I liked Capaldi, but I didn’t like how he spent a good chunk of the first episode acting like a raving old man. Ten/Eleven always had this vibe of “excessively eccentric and quirky but knows what’s going on” while Capaldi’s intro had him, well, kind of being a dodding homeless person. It’s the way he was written as opposed to the actor, I liked how he was shaping up to be at the end of the episode. But that first half did him no favors.


So, who else has been keeping up with the current season? Is it just me, or is it turning out really well?


I would, but my “Basic” channel package doesn’t include BBC America. :frowning:

My condolences. :frowning:

I know, it’s sad.

It’s too bad the BBC iplayer or whatever doesn’t work in the US.


:frowning: :crying_cat_face:

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Ermagerd. Dark Water was incredible. That is all.

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Only thing to note out about Dark Water in my opinion is: How do Cybermen function without a brain? Because it didn’t look like they had them in their skeletons.

I’m not sure if you’d be able to tell if they had one or not? The cranial cavity is kinda hard to see inside without splitting the skull open. Or maybe they’ve “upgraded” themselves not to need brains.

Wouldn’t they by just robots that look like Cybermen then? The Cybermen’s whole shtick was that they are cyborgs, a human brain/nervous system with a snazzy metal shell.


No they are the real Cybermen.

^The Cybermen featured in ‘Dark Water’.

Ah, I wouldn’t know, seeing as I have to wait for Netflix to update after the series is over.

I tend to do reviews on Doctor Who though overall I’m A little disappointed. The actors are pretty exceptional each time around but the stories vary in quality massively, and the majority have been weak. Not helped by the head writer not remembering what he writes and thus contradicting it constantly.

Personally I kind of agree, given they just have the Skeleton of the human (Which isn’t really necessary) they are no longer truly Cyborgs. They are Robots with a human skeleton inside, which was the opposite of what the Cybermen were meant to be;


I’m in the middle of the Christmas special right now, but this line cracked me up:

“You have a horror movie called ‘Alien?’ That’s really offensive; no wonder everyone keeps invading you!”