Does anyone else have problems with, or solutions to parts constantly breaking?

This might not be the right place to post this, but I really wanted some insight, and input on something that’s plagued me for years. From 2001 up to 2006 I had no problems with parts, LEGO system, or BIONICLE, breaking, but now I’m noticing that my parts break so darn frequently that it’s becoming ridiculous.

I know what thew first response is “the parts are just old”, and “You’re maybe being too rough with them” or even “you’re stressing the parts.” While the last one may be two MOCs of mine, I can assure that I’ve been immensely careful with my parts, both new, and old. Let me give some written examples.

Some time in 2016 I rebuilt Metru Matau with some sockets that were fresh buys from BrickLink, even “New”, and he’s been sitting on my shelf ever since. However, up until now I never really looked at his sockets, but after having done so, EVERY, SINGLE, ONE has massive cracks, and chips going through the whole thing to the point if I disconnected one it would shatter. Example number two, I built Mata Tahu last year towards the middle months, and have only acquired his mask a couple months ago. He’s been on my shelf for a little over a year, and after having seen Matau’s sockets, I decided to pick up Tahu to look him over, and one of his feet is getting a crack on the front of the socket.

I hear people talk about their figures they’ve had built since 2001 at the earliest, and 2007 at the latest from recollection, and they say they have had to replace only hand pieces, or they’ve had no need to replace parts, yet for years I’ve had a problem where even recent sets, and CCBS bones, no matter how careful I am, no matter what I build, no matter where I display them, if I have anything built for over a year, most of the sockets are cracked badly, or completely broken.

Am I the only one with this issue? Because it sure as hell feels like it. I haven’t had a proper MOC built, and on my shelf for longer than a few months because parts, both old, and new, keep breaking even if I don’t touch them. Is there some kind of solution for this?

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It depends on where you display them, and for how long. If they have direct sunlight facing them, then it will strain the pieces and cause them to bend or crack.

If you have them on display for years, that won’t do the sets any good either.

My best solution is to
A)Don’t display them in sunlight (not that you ever were)
And B)Reposition the sets often. This is vital. It frees up the joints, and expands their life span.

This is the method I use, and it explains how I still have non-cracked Lime Joint sets.


Of course not. This problem haunts me for years too. I have A LOT of broken pieces, and this is a major problem. I think the worst is when a G1 mask brokes…
Maybe you can try sticking them with glue. But it depends what piece you try to stick. And this is not the best option because the glue can’t hold it so much. Maybe just if you stick it, and don’t touch it ever.

Don’t shoot Bionicle down five feet with a Nerf gun.

Unfortantely, I don’t have a single G1 set without broken pieces. My earliest set may be Ehlek, leaving everyone else ‘08 joints and above, but it still makes me sad.

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Do you know how sad I was when I saw potok’s mask broke? Even that it is not such a mask. And I don’t like to buy a new one just for one piece.

So I’m guessing the best option to prolong the life of parts is to just play with them? Huh… I guess that’s why my sets, and MOCs lasted longer as a kid than they do now as an adult. It’s weird to think that they break faster if you don’t touch them, but I guess I’ll take everything I build down to fiddle with it every so often. Hopefully that solves the socket breakage on both old Sockets, and new CCBS sockets so I don’t just have a bin full of broken pieces anymore.

I was originally thinking of just sanding down ball joints a little bit so they’d cause less stress on the sockets, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say that might not be too good a decision, right?

I do have one last question, though. Is there a way to prolong the lifespan of parts like these?
Pretty much any technic parts that accept a plus-shaped axel.

I can heavily relate to G1 masks not making the long haul, some from their design (both my green, and gold Mirus have horrid stress marks on the cheeks), and some because I was a very reckless kid with horrible Teething problems (Kopaka’s Akaku, and sword suffered this the most, along with Lewa’s axe). I’ve often wondered if someone should make nearly 100% accurate molds of certain parts, and make non-official replacement parts in as close to official colors as possible, just so certain parts won’t just vanish into time once they all break. Sure, official parts might cease to be one day, but it would be nice if nearly perfect replicas of a non-official origin lived on, just an order away.

Ironically, my G1 parts have fared much better than my CCBS. The exception is actually those Technic pieces shown; they break super easily, along with the axle slots on Mata hands. However, most of my sockets are still in pretty good condition.

Oh yeah, I’ve been having that problem recently. Part after part keeps breaking, and it’s really irritating.


Wait, Kopaka’s sword looking a little chewed… We must have the same sword. As he was an earlier set of mine, his sword got messed up, so I took a knife and cut the chewed tip off.

That seems to be a problem with Kopaka swords, both of mine are chewed.

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My sword was subject to my awful teething habits as a kid, as were very many of my older parts as a kid. Kopaka’s sword" Lewa’s axe, Gali’s hooks, Onua’s claws, and even Pohatu’s kickers. Other parts broke from exposure to my pets, or just unpleasant situations like Kopaka’s shield getting stepped on, Pohatu’s boulder getting used by my dog as a chew toy, and one of Gali’s arms being a full on meal for my dog, shreaded to bits.

It’s funny how my set parts lasted so long given they were treated horribly. How I still even have my original gold Miru with only a cheek stress mark astounds me.

Oh, and specifically towards @SteampunkTahu for this one, my sword wasn’t just simply chewed on at the tip, the entire thing was nothing but teeth marks, and had Play-Doh shoved into nooks, and crannies (That ugly color you get when you mix every single color you own). I still have the hooks, and kickers, but the sword, and axre are long gone.

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