Draedon, Wanderer of Shadows (Self-Moc)

Alright, first post in a while. Let’s see if I can still make a halfway decent one.
This is the newest version of my Self-Moc.

As you can tell, his color scheme is black and silver, with a gold necklace.

This is him without his cape. He’s a little thin, but nothing too outrageous about his proportions.

Also, not the most back view friendly, but worse backs have been made. That nub sticking out of his back is for his sword.

His weapons are that sword and a shield.

The shield unfortunately has no storage on the figure.
Draedon is also relatively posable.


That shield is so pleasing to look at, good job mate

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that sword looks beutiful

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Hey look it’s Sauron!

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I like this, it especially looks good with all the accessories! I just feel the head is a little off but otherwise very nice!

Real nice! I would suggest a different chest though, that one looks weird without a hero-core.