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Chimera - A thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve”

You hoped for a dream; you dreading your nightmare.

You got both.

Hope dwindled for the future. But people make their own hope, justified or not. They could not stand to go forward, and they could not go back, so they turned inwards.

In the wake of a societal low unparalleled throughout all of history, where natural disasters and wars have set the world crumbling at its foundation, one industry ruled supreme over the heavily concentrated and thriving cities scattering the globe, connecting otherwise uninhabited stretches of wilderness: MENDAX, medical monopoly, controlling nearly every aspect of life, always finding new ways to enthrall the public and gain even more power.

There is no denying that their latest concoction, the SNOVA pill, is designed to do just that, first introduced under the motive of helping those close to crossing over spend the last few hours in bliss, but its addictive nature immediately set the public madly craving it. Why?

Each SNOVA pill allows the user to fully, physically experience whatever dream they concoct, turning the aimless wanderings of the mind into reality - a reality brought about by the user. More than lucid dreaming, there were some who said the pill changed reality itself. Its limitation: the inability to control how long the dream lasted. A deep sleep, a fleeting nap.

Not to be outdone, a new, cracked version of the pill has hit the streets, with heavy resistance from MENDAX; a pill with such potency, such agency by the dreamer, that none of the users have ever chosen to wake up; or perhaps it’s not a choice after all …

You took the drug. You awoke to find that your dream - and your nightmare - had seeped into reality … or had they? Now you must find answers for why this is happening. Is your dream worth the mutations, transformations, and twistings of your nightmare? Are you even awake?

(brought to you by EgomaniaTM, a company co-owned by myself and @Ghid)

General Rules:

  • Follow boards rules - no excessive swearing, no adult content, no incivility, etc.

  • Follow general RP etiquette - no godmoding, bunnying, autohitting, autododging, etc.

Breaking with these rules will incite warnings. I’m a forgiving GM, but repeat offense can result in being permanently removed from the RP, and possibly other, site-wide consequences, depending on the level of offense.

Now, onto the major stipulation disclaimer thing.

In this RP, we (Ghid and I) expect intelligence, logic, and, above all , a detectable effort at good writing. We aren’t going to flat out intentionally ignore posts that aren’t “up to scratch”, but the truth is that if your post is … markedly insufficient or unimportant, it is likely to be overlooked.

Elitist, you say? I mean, yeah. But hear us out.

Above all else, this RP is meant to be a comprehensive story - something good enough to be bound in leather and archived as a literary accomplishment. There may even be a webcomic produced with this story as its subject, so from the two of us, we implore you to write thoroughly and write well. If each post takes an hour to compose, it is far more worthwhile to us than if you throw it together in two minutes just to move things along. And anyone can do this. Anyone, with a little effort, can write something that’s just as good as if not better than the best RPers on this site this being a LEGO site, not an RP one is a point totally removed from the one I’m making. Shut yo smart mouth.

Basically, please make this a story worth reading . We’re all in this together, and I as a GM, and Ghid as a coordinator/moderator, are going to be giving our utmost to making this a good literary work. It’d be nice if you could too.

We do not mean to say “if you can’t write well, you can’t join this RP”. What we’re trying to get across is that “if you aren’t willing to try to write well, please don’t join this RP”. Whether your RPing is or isn’t “good” or “bad” is irrelevant. Trying is enough.

That starts right now: your character sheet. We ask that you put some legitimate thought into making your character. There are more than enough self-inserts, edgelords, and 3-minute characters on the boards; a character that has an “interesting” backstory but is bland during RP is infinitely inferior to a cliche with actual depth.

And uh, for those who don’t know how this works: fill out the below template and post it in this topic. Once it’s approved, your character sheet will be quoted at the bottom of this post.

One final thing. Your “Dream” and “Nightmare” can be whatever you want it - but know that it may not play out exactly how you intend. You’re writing what you character wanted, not what they necessarily got. I as the GM reserve the right to modify how it actually played out. A general rule: the better your dream, the worse your nightmare should be. As long as things are balanced, everything should be fine, and no GM intervention/modification should be needed.

And seriously, we’re looking for depth here. A dream of “Immortality, invulnerability, dashing good looks, and the ability to turn invisible” and the nightmare of “cursed to have demon blood oooh ahhh” is not exactly what we have in mind.

And also, I don’t really expect anyone to try this, but if its obvious that you’re “dumbing down” your nightmare to try and get some sort of mechanical edge …

Put simply, I will not be merciful.


Like Winger said, this is a dual-endeavor, but expect me to be more of a GM’s assistant, discussing certain things behind the scenes and nudging things when they need nudging. Make no mistake; I still hold just as much power in terms of moderating the game, so heed my glorious, inspired, and not at all over-exaggerated warnings.

Otherwise, though, treat me as a fellow player. I came here to write, not to moderate, so don’t make me :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m gonna post a signup. Keep in mind you shouldn’t use this profile as direct inspiration for yours as it is not formatted correctly ; Winger already pre-approved the character concept beforehand. It’s a good example of what you may receive as details on your nightmare, but that, of course, is Winger’s decision.

Name : Basil Tuffin
Info : Male, 9, 3’10" (not counting ears), has a small grey blanket to conceal himself
Appearance : Post-nightmare, Basil has large bat-like ears and a flat, wrinkled nose. He wears bluish-grey shorts and has noticeably long arms and noticeably short legs, making it natural and convenient to walk on all fours. Solid yellow eyes rest in his head above separated cheek wrinkles, and what hair he has is thick and matted together on his scalp. His canines are long and sharp, and his eyes turn a dusky orange during bloodlust.
Reference Image:

Credit: Ghid (that’s me!)

Dream : The ability to never grow up, much akin to Peter Pan. This manifests in the form of… Exactly what it sounds like.
Nightmare : Getting turned into a half-bat blood-sucking monster. As you can probably guess, this also exactly how it sounds - Basil can react quicker than normal, has massive bat-like ears that greatly enhance his hearing (and susceptibility to loud or high-pitched noises), extremely capable climbing abilities allowing him to climb on walls and ceilings with relative ease (monkey-related sick beats begin playing) , and eyes that work excellently in the night but not super great during the day, rendering his distance vision poor.
He also has Bloodlust, a state he enters involuntarily where his strength and speed are heightened, his manner becomes somewhat feral, and he has a strong desire to consume blood. It may last for minutes or hours and does not appear to have any definite triggers, but the smell of blood surely doesn’t help. His memory of events during this transformation is fuzzy, but may improve over time…

Backstory : Basil Tuffin was born into poverty well after the world had begun to crumble. Even as those who sided with MENDAX rose higher and higher into power and wealth, his family remained on the street. But that didn’t stop Basil from thriving wherever he could, and his family, while militaristic in their relationships, continued on as if nothing had changed.
In fact, that was one thing Basil had noticed: everyone under the watchful eye of MENDAX appeared happier than they ever were, no matter their circumstance. So the appearance of the cracked SNOVA copycat only confused things. Why would people try to escape when the SNOVA pill made them so happy?
Repeatedly he was instructed never to attempt anything with it. Many times he was told to never even think about trying it. And when he chose to break his conduct, it was the cracked version he decided to try.
Personality : Basil is cheery, peppy, adventurous, and rambunctious. Any problem he tackles with a smile and a laugh. In fact, he’d probably love being able to climb on walls and hear distant sounds if he wasn’t completely scared out of his skin.
Vices : A compelling sweet tooth. Willing to go out of his way - sometimes into deliberate danger - just for the opportunity to nab something sweet. He detests violence, although boodlust overrides this notion. He also has fits of the blackest depression at times, likely due to his new form, and it’s lead to some… Dangerous thoughs. A possible trigger for bloodlust.
Oh, and if he disagrees with you, you will likely hear him refer to you as a ‘stingbum’ in the moment. He doesn’t know what it means, though.

Alright, that’s enough outta me. Get signing up already!


I’d like to join, but this is an example of replies that I post:


Then you really only have two options.

Stay at that level, or challenge yourself to grow. I won’t make you choose either way, but the option is available, whatever you decide.


It’s not as if you’d restricted to posting that kind of thing, though. You can challenge yourself and improve.

We don’t mean to say “if you’re a bad writer, you can’t join this RP!”. We’re saying “We expect an effort at good writing, from everyone”. Whether the end result is “good” or “bad” is irrelevant - if you try, it’s enough.


I’ll think about it.
also I’ll come up with a character too


Despite the fact that I’m a half witted troglodyte of a writer who is terrible with grammar I’ll probably join.

Character coming soon, but not as soon as kanei.

I do have a few questions about the world, but they can wait.



I think I’ll pass this time.


nonono I think you should join

it’d be fun trust me

very fun

(edit for serious: I do really think you should join; you’ve got a lot of writing potential and I think you’ll be surprised how much room there is to work here)


So it’s time for my first lightning round of obvious questions.

Did the characters powers come from the drug? Or was it some outside force?

How advanced is the technology in this world?

What genre is this rp I.e cyberpunk, sci-fi, modern, or fantasy.


So I’m glad you asked. Allow me to be as helpful as I can by answering all of your questions comprehensively and thoroughly.

Not telling. :wink:

Let me put it this way:

The limitations of what you can do are limited to the lengths of your dream… Or nightmare. You can dream up super-sophisticated tech, but the standard level of tech in the world MENDAX governs is not through the roof in comparison to the real world.

Expect a decent variety, but mostly flavored with sci-fi sprinkles and dystopian filling.

I don’t know why you asked that, but it’s possible! Making a webcomic based on the events in this RP is something I have considered doing. No promises yet, but if the story’s good enough there will be an attempt.


You don’t know. The drug was meant to put you to sleep, and let you stay in a dream of your making for however long you want.

You awoke with that dream - and nightmare - having seeped into reality. Or have you? Are you still dreaming? Is reality crumbling? You don’t know.


Has cancer been “cured” yet?

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Honestly, no clue. If it’s part of your character, go for it.


so people born in July still exist.

Alright thank you for your time.


Yeah, probably not my cup of tea. I’ll still consider, but don’t hold your breath.


I really want to do this but first I have a few questions:
1 just to clarify your dream and nightmare are things that come into the real world but is it all the time or does it just slash on and off?
1.5 similar to question 1 how much area would your dream cover and what happens when two or more people are in an area together do their dreams mix? or do you just see the world through your dream only?
2 does “dream” refer to a super cool dream were you can fly and everything is interesting because I classify “dream” as anything that’s not a nightmare
3 when do nightmares occur and when do dreams occur?

I really hope these question weren’t already answered and I’m super sorry if they have been


You took the pill. It was meant to throw you into your own personalized ream world, where anything could be the way you wanted it. But with every dream, there’s a nightmare you dread - you awoke with both having seeped into reality - or have you? Are you still asleep, and this is just a malfunction of the drug? You don’t know.

The dream is personal to you, and its space is infinite. Anything can happen in your dream, whichever way you want. Shared dreams is something that hasn’t quite been invented yet, as far as you are aware.

“Dream” is something your character wanted - eternal youth, infinite money, etc.

There’s always a risk of your dream becoming a nightmare, and everyone has an underlying nightmare that would manifest if the drug goes wrong. As the drug was developed, the chances of a nightmare decreased.


This is an interesting idea, and I would love to join. However, I don’t have the energy nor the motivation right now to join another rp. Besides, college starts in a few weeks and I imagine I’ll be pretty busy


Before I make a character, I have a couple questions; what year does this take place in, and how many people on average are against MENDAX’s control of everything?

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