Dregn, Manipulator of Dark Matter (self Moc)

Dregn, using his matter gauntlet he is able to use dark matter to summon his sword “Kravot” to defeat Shakaron and do some other cliched stuff that I haven’t made offical.

ha, ha, ha, now you get where my name comes from.

If your asking yourself “what do you mean he controls dark matter?” Ill tell you; he’s basically using the force, theres nothing else to that but with a different name.

alright awesome.
Enjoy yourself,


I’m generally not a fan of mocs mixing metru and mata red together, but i’d say the layering is done well enough to where it isn’t too much of a detriment. The torso seems a bit blocky though but other than that pretty darn good job :thumbsup:

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Talking about using the force, when I saw this guy he immediately reminded me of a Sith lord. Not any particular one, but just what a Sith lord would look like.

Especially love the cape that covers not the back, but the legs for a change

Also, the head only being partially covered gives him that much of an eerie evil look.

Why does he have 2 thumbs on his hand

This is a very cool moc. The only thing I dislike are the arms. The asymmetry of the colors is completely unecessary here. Sure he has a gauntlet that does thingies, but… I think it could have been executed better.

Overall, good job!

I’m not going to go in-depth with it but lets just say I wanted to make the gauntlet look like it doesn’t belong on him and is more alien like. other than that I can agree with the rest of what you said. thanks

The head looks rather awkward, as there is a massive gap below the chin and the back of the head is completely exposed.

The non-matching gold is also an odd choice, and honestly just throws off the colors a bit. I see the asymmetrical look in concept, but it doesn’t really look like it belongs.

Really love the design, as well as the upside down Vahi.

A bit too blocky and system-y for my taste. I like some of the shaping though.

Even though he isn’t evil I did get some inspiration for the waist cape, thing, from Darth Vader

Shouldn’t the title be “Manipulator of dark matter”?

Those hands…
That butt cape…
perfection indeed.