Drinks and Polls about them


I expected this topic to not be everyone and their cat shilling for inclusion in a single image but what do you know

your high emperor is disappointed in everyone here except chronicler because he was right water always wins

the real best drink is pepto bismol

your citizens would beg to differ

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Tea is best drink.

better not ask wich type of the tho, because a civil war would start


See? Even tea has to eat itself to choose one true victor. Water stands united.

No. Tea is versatile to appeal to many different individuals.


That’s the same as soup

laundry detergent

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No, tea is a drink.

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that’s false! there are different types of water! there are people who like tap water, people who like mineral water, people who like the totally too expansive water with added electrolytes and minerals!


That’s a lot more similar than different kinds of tea.

Tea is just soup, but without the stuff I actually want.

Actually, that’s water.

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you imply half those heathens are my citizens

they are the common rabble, the disgraceful unclean whelps who line the streets and take candy from children


Tea is vegan water

makes 0 sense but ok

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