Drop po- Canisters and how they will work?

I saw the art work for The canisters made by other artists but very little stuff about how they look on the inside.

Having an idea I took some time to draw a sketch… Colour is just detrimental to my effency.

Picture 1
You see how it will look to the outside observer when the Toa aproaches. And it opens with a mini figure fit space on the inside.

It is important to note that this only happens when a Chosen Toa of said element approaches.

Picture 2
Will have an Inside weiw of the Pod and of the Toa being Repaired/ upgraded.
I have an idea that the Pods are key to make Matorans into Toa.
(Not nessesarily making them Key to upgrading toas)

Picture 3
Show the Toa has an interface while being inside the Pod having information feed to them like an interface. Weiwing upgrades and weapons…
Along with a Mini AI like figure that much like Halo series AI’s assist the Toa as long as they are in the pod and repersent the spirits of the Elements.
(Does not need to be sentient) Just would find it Amusing to see Eljay voice a tiny Lewa hologram.

Throw that man a Miru.

Besides that:
Additonal notes.
The pods have not been used for a very long time having a Character matoran act as their mecanics and tech wiz would be a nice addition to the Cast.

Also Exlaining why they only unlock part of the pods potential and does not skip all the way to Toa Nuva master overclass ELEMENTAL NINJAS… Okay not ninjas… but you get the idea?

Besides that… maybe Makuta could have tried to hide / destroy the pods so that they do not function very well at all in the beginning. and explains why the Toa has no armor year 1.

And that they manage to restore parts of them till year two.

Besides that: we need a Little jonny- like Matoran that always gets hurt when he appears…

Think like Takua G1 but never meant for Great things…

Either that or have Lil joh-natorian to be unmaksed to be Makuta…

Sometimes I think Colour is detrimental to my style… I simply do not have enough time…


Wow, this is awesome.

I’m not actually sure about the drop-pod idea, but this art is amazing.

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Thank you sir.

I agreeon the drop pod idea,… I love the idea of using vehicles…

Despite they said they will never make sets they missed an oppetunity to make the Toa individual Vehicles.

And I got ideas for the Exo suits from G1 too… but that is gonna come in Later.
Pacific rim theme playing


I don’t agree with all the ideas, but keep up the good work man! :thumbsup:

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Do give some Critizime.

I like to hear what you think?

I’m just not sure if vehicles like drop-pods add too much to the tech side of theme’s balance. Bionicle has always been sort of a weird mix, so its hard to tell.

They will find a vault of Ancient high tech vehicles.

What is not to like?

Like the Kadra nui arch with the swarmp.

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That is a good point.

Do you mean view and viewing?

This looks really cool, I like the concept of a matoran always getting hurt when the canister falls, tho it sounds a little bit cruel

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Thanks mate… V and W are confusing…

But yeah, Lil jonitorian is a joke And I can see it be so.

So, would these be small sets, like the Nexo Knights ultimate sets?


I like the idea.

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I really like this idea, and your art is fantastic. But more than the idea, I beg for a squished Lil’ Johnny.

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Suddenly the Lil’johny idea gains hold.

If Ill ever get to do my comic idea Ill totally include him.

The best canister ideas in a while. Pods? Wonderful!

Someone give this man a raise!


Man, I was in love with the toa canister concept ever since they said," Get ready for Toa fall". Great concept pictures of the canister/pod, reminds me of iron man.

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Bio-mecanical Robots. In robot suits.



also Pafcific rim styled exo suits for year 3.

I like these Toa canister concepts but I think story-wise unless you go with your Makuta hiding/breaking idea it may not work well. I think, anyways, because if the canisters held anything helpful or powerful then the Toa would use the pods a lot more in the story but I believe the pods should be just be used as a kind of shell for the Toa. After they surface from the pods they shouldn’t need them. Just my opinion. Really like your idea and art, makes total sense.

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So this would be the mechanical part of bio-mechanical?



Would add a nice Element of ancient technology.

Been in the Podcast (241) at 46:26.

I am happy…

Still gotta work on the Name:

Zee cee nuk…

Maybe more like “See nok”

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