DUNE (2021)

DUNE is a science-fiction novel first published in 1965, written by Frank Herbert. It’s one the first major science-fiction novels, and sort of solidified sci-fi as something more than just pulp fiction.

I’ve been a fan of the DUNE universe for quite a while now, and I’ve been excited for the new movie since the first trailer dropped. The movie’s coming out in two parts, and I have really high hopes for the first one. The cast is basically the best I could’ve asked for, and Denis Villeneuve directed one of my favorite movies of all time, Arrival.

Since the official trailer just dropped, I figured I’d make a topic or something.

This was the trailer released last year.

And this was just dropped today.


what an absolute letdown.


I can’t wait, when the first ad was released I thought, oh this looks cool so I looked into it and found the books. I just started the 5th one and its still awesome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Its such a landmark series, you can see it’s inspiration in virtually all modern science-fiction, the iconic desert landscape of Arrakis echoed in other great sci-fi worlds like Tatooine, and even Bara Magna! :open_mouth:

I especially like the concept of the Zensunni philosophy which is scattered throughout the DUNE universe.


I saw the trailer and thought it looked interesting.

Still haven’t read the book.


I can’t comment, because I haven’t read the books. But I dunno, the movie could be good. :man_shrugging:


Same here.