DUNE (2021)

DUNE is a science-fiction novel first published in 1965, written by Frank Herbert. It’s one the first major science-fiction novels, and sort of solidified sci-fi as something more than just pulp fiction.

I’ve been a fan of the DUNE universe for quite a while now, and I’ve been excited for the new movie since the first trailer dropped. The movie’s coming out in two parts, and I have really high hopes for the first one. The cast is basically the best I could’ve asked for, and Denis Villeneuve directed one of my favorite movies of all time, Arrival.

Since the official trailer just dropped, I figured I’d make a topic or something.

This was the trailer released last year.

And this was just dropped today.


what an absolute letdown.


I can’t wait, when the first ad was released I thought, oh this looks cool so I looked into it and found the books. I just started the 5th one and its still awesome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Its such a landmark series, you can see it’s inspiration in virtually all modern science-fiction, the iconic desert landscape of Arrakis echoed in other great sci-fi worlds like Tatooine, and even Bara Magna! :open_mouth:

I especially like the concept of the Zensunni philosophy which is scattered throughout the DUNE universe.


I saw the trailer and thought it looked interesting.

Still haven’t read the book.


I can’t comment, because I haven’t read the books. But I dunno, the movie could be good. :man_shrugging:


Same here.


Still waiting for this :weary:


Only two months. I am simultaneously dreading and anticipating it to an inordinate amount.


Bout to watch it!

That movie… leaves you feeling on a cliffhanger. Very hard. Very very very hard.
It has deviations from the source material but is still very nice. Gah. I want the next one. Now.



my gosh

That movie

It literally just takes the book, and its positively suffocating atmosphere, and flawlessly converts it into a movie. Literally every single scene was so developed and over-choreographed.



I’m still disappointed.


is this good


Better than good

Winger liked it


Quick review

Took a while for things to get going, but I honestly think it could’ve used more time I thought there would be more of Atreides trying to balance relations with reworking their machinery. Seemed like the Hearkenens attack was rushed. I definitely think the next movie(s?) will be a lot more fun. I want more worms.

8/10 this number will drop if the next movie sucks


Really liked the presentation of this movie. It captured Dune perfectly.

I don’t see Dune (2021) as a good substitute for the book though. There’s a lot cut out from this movie. The Baron, Piter, Kynes, Gurney, Jessica, Idaho and even Paul all lose a lot of defining character moments because of this. Cutting out the dinner scene with the elite of Arrakis was especially a mistake. We lose the charismatic aspects of Paul’s personality and a lot more world building for Arrakis. If I were directing this movie, I would have ended the movie right before or after Paul and Jessica escape. So that there would be time to include at least some of these cut moments.

I also disliked Paul’s scene in the desert when his mind really starts opening. The book describes how Paul begins to start endlessly calculating possible futures. He detaches from his surroundings to the point he can’t even feel grief for his father. Paul hates the idea that he may be losing his humanity. Not to mention the horrors his followers may inflict in the future. The visions we get in the movie did not capture this feeling much. We see Chani, a single battle, and Paul returning to Caladan. Weak sauce if you want to adapt the emotions of that moment in the book. But Paul’s actor did a good job of selling what he’s supposed to be feeling at least.


I’m not sure anyone should. I’ve been incredibly glad to see lots of friends and family picking up the book for the first time or revisiting it again to prepare for the movie. The book is certainly better in many regards, but the movie brought to life so many good aspects of it in a format that works for a movie.

Goodness I do think this movie delivered. I’ve been a fan of the series for a decade now, and while plenty didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie I’ve had a thorough enjoyment of the movie twice now. I had lots of doubts despite loving Denis and the casting, but they really pulled through and I’m excited for part two.


That movie was absolutely captivating. I have to read the book now.


For sure. I greatly appreciate the detail they put into it. The world felt like Dune. Which is way more than I can say for most adaptations.


Well, although Dune is regarded as classics, I don’t find the story to be particularly interesting with cliches like chosen one, visions, prophecy and so on, but it was good for the time it was written. I don’t see the point in remaking it to be honest, another reson being that imagination working to fill in the visual designs of the futuristic technologies, while with movie it kinda dictates exactly how everything looks and if the movie becomes outdated (like with the first adaptation) it becomes hard to take those designs seriously. Although I still prefer the first adaptation actually, I just thought it’s more fun to watch with those bizzare elements that old movies have.

Has si-fi genre become that low on creativity and new ideas that it makes a big deal of remaking old adaptations?

Well actually, that works pretty on theme with Dune. Using outdated design is actually an inherent attribute of Dune. The designs are supposed to be dated, redundant, and lacking common futuristic traits that one may expect from their timeline because the humans of that future setting prefer it that way. The Director was aware of this and tried to make the designs have some new-ancient qualities just for the purpose of looking outdated while also brand new to the viewer