E-Books Vs. Physical Books Vs. Audio Books

Which do you prefer? I prefer E-books when traveling, and Physical books when relaxing at home. Though I enjoy them both, since there's just something a bout holding a physical book.


I'd much rather have a physical book. It's so much simpler and more versatile. You can reread a sentence, you can laugh at typos, you can play with the bookmark, and they're easier to "pause".

Only thing e-books have for them (IMHO) is voice actors, if they even have any. And you can "read" while hanging upsidedown from the ceiling Moccing.


There's something about turning physical pages that I don't like, I guess the texture, it gives me that feeling you get when nails scrape a black board, but not as bad.
Then again, I love gathering physical books, but once I read them I just never touch them again. XD


There's a difference between E-books and audio books... I just wanted to make that clear.

There's just something about the actual book, especially old books (Love the smell of old books, mmmm) that just draws me in, they feel so regal and defined. Perhaps it's the fact that it's physical, and boy do I love me some full bookcases.

I read e-books too, those are great for when you're on a trip and can't hold 50 books in your bag.


oh. Didn't know that.

still prefer the physical, though.

There's something I like about turning the pages of an actual book. E-books are fin I guess, but I always prefer hard-copies.


Both really.
it makes no difference to me, as long as I get to read a book.

I can't stand E-books. It hurts my eyes to read them (especially in the dark with the glowing screen). I also much prefer turning the page with my hand as apposed to swiping with my fingers.

I hate those pages that are shiny, and when your fingers are even the slightest bit damp, they make this weird noise. Ugh! Luckily, those are mostly nonfiction and young reader books, so I don't have to deal with them as much.

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E-Book master race.

I agree.

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I have this thing, where to read a series, I have to own the books. Is storage an issue? Yes. But I don't care. I need to own them physical books.



Both, prefer good audiobooks as well.


Audiobooks are underrated!

I don't have an e-reader, so by default I say normal books.
(Reading a book on my laptop or especially phone would be weird.) [spoiler'd for very slight religious content]

Actually, I do read the Bible on my phone. But I do like a physical book better.)


Thats because they defeat the purpose of reading.

In what way?

Because your supposed to actually read the words. If your listening to a book, you didnt read, you heard.

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While it's true that they defeat the purpose of reading, they are good for when you're multitasking, or simply don't have time to sit down and read (which is why I use them). They also serve another purpose, improving listening skills.


Okay, so you listened to the book. Does that make it any less of a valid medium than print?