E.M.Pulsor (EMP) Alien System Studio Ultrabuild Moc #1 (original concept)

more pics below text
piece count: 1527

So I have been busy lately with many mocing projects simultaneously, and I finally got him done, I think it was well worth it. My concept for him he is a specimen of an extraterrestrial race of beings comprised of and controlling various intangible energies i.e. electromagnetism which he controls to full extent in his close vicinity, he creates and neutralizes E.M.F. zones and pulsations. All members of his species have ornate enlarged protrusions from their heads that funnel in quanta of their respective affiliations, for him this would be attraction of charged particles and swirling of them around to power himself and energize his surroundings. This power is often too unsettling for many beings to handle so he is usually wandering the universe alone. He can hover and fly by emitting charged particles (that repel most of the surroundings) from his thruster on each of his four legs. The full extent of his powers is unknown but he is known to electrically excite cardiac tissue to physically revive beings deceased due to cardiac failure (ones he deems worthy), he can also repair or destroy all machinery that is electrical, and many other applications that he has not yet thought of. The moc has arm articulation but for some reason the stud.io program doesn’t let me display this via the hinge tool. Well anyways enjoy the moc’s carefully placed details. Thx for viewing
Also I added my profile icon (done by me in m.s. paint as a decal on a piece in his core as my signature)


more pics coming soon!

This is really cool! I love the complexity of the build!

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I like these titanic MOCs, great job with this one.

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Uh… Could you please give me a greater description of what I’m looking at? No, really, I have no idea.

It’s vaguely humanoid in its construction, but that’s about as far as any sort of recognition goes. What appears to be a sauron eye rests atop what is probably the head while the body quickly devolves into a cacophony of different, wild colours, random shapes, excessive greebling, and a mishmash of everything tiny and unique in sculpt mashed together into a chaotic, bowlegged entity.

I read the backstory; it doesn’t help me understand what I’m looking at. Backstories should be an explanation as to key details of the MOC; if the MOC is meant to be understood at a glance or left to interpretation, backstories should be nonexistent. Here, the ability to create and neutralize EMF zones does not assist me in comprehension of what I am looking at.

Overall, it’s very evident you put a lot of time and energy into creating this, but I’m going to be plain with you - I have no idea how to describe this to anyone. I can’t tell where the head ends and the neck begins, if there even is a neck, if what I think are the eyes are the eyes, if it even has eyes, where the knees exist if they do, and all the added “carefully placed details” only add to the inexplicable appearance.

Build a simple character first. Figure out the basis for what they look like, on a very simple scale. Then, as you construct who they are, add details that emphasize certain things, like gadgets on a belt or ornate details on a sword. The more complex your moc becomes, the more cohesive it should also be, and the end result could be the next Blattarax.

Thanks for taking the time, I will certainly consider what you said, although most of the design choices here were intentional i.e. he wasn’t meant to be smooth and exterior layer wasn’t meant to be cohesive as I would make my Bionicle mocs for example he was just meant to be me trying my hand at something I wouldn’t usually do, something not meant to be easily recognizable. I do agree completely about the Backstory section that you mentioned and I should tone down the greebling. About Blattarax, I find the moc absolutely phenomenal but the segmentation of adding all the tail pieces again and again adjacently is slightly repetitive to me and thus I avoid using that in my building style but that is just personal preference.

This is extraordinarily messy and static. It needs alot of work. No doubt some level of poseability or movement would help.