Earthbound./ Mother 2

has anyone played earthbound . I just wanted to talk about it

I myself havent played Earthbound/Mother/Whatever. I have seen one of my friends play Mother 3, it seems to be a good rpg in general. I will say though, Lucas and Ness are pretty strong in SSB4.

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I got Earfbound on WiiU, but I haven't gotten around to playing it.

@TravelerViridi It's an amazing game

@Onyx_ Dude play it like right now

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Sup bro, read this topic. It's NESSessary smile

That amazing pun leading to the rules topic. Kudos to the guy who pulled that one off.

Haven't played any of them. I wanna play at least Earthbound and Mother 3 eventually. Not sure about Mother, as I've heard it's hard, but I may do so eventually.

They're expensive but worth it

But I can't, because I need to find Nami in Sploon

Wow, I literally just finished the game yesterday :P. What a coincidence.

I really enjoyed the game, I can see why it's such a cult classic. Though after playing it, I'm very disappointed Earthbound64 was never a thing.

Ok I see
@LQ1998 I know dude I wanted it so bad but we got mother 3

Stuck on fourside.
Dang third strongest mole.

duude i played it in Japanese and i got stuck at jeff

hi :person_with_blond_hair:

I've never played Earthbound/Mother, but I main Ness in Smash Bros. So that's a thing.

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Wow just wow, @Political_Slime .

I haven't played these, but they seem interesting. smile

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Well not exactly, I don't speak Japanese. stuck_out_tongue

Neither do i
there's an English patch

A fan made one, yes.

Yeah but it's not exactly legal :P.

Actually, it is (at least, I think so), as Nintendo never filed for copyright here in the US for Mother 3, the fan translation should be legal. I could be wrong though.

Hm, I looked it up but I can't really find anything saying one way or the other.