Echo V.2 (tv-heads) how-to

After I made the original Echo V.2, I started making more mocs based around it. I want to see what other people an do with the design and make there own so I wanted to make instructions for the “default” model for others to work off of.

Step 1: the arms
Here’s what you will need of one arm:

(Note that I’m making the right arm)

you will need to flip the 1:2 clip peice upside down to make the left hand.

Attach the fingers to the hand and then the hand to the wrist.

Do this again but Mirrored for the other arm.

Step 2: the legs

Make sure the ball socket clip is lined up like so:

The foot design belongs to @Alieraah.

Build another one for the other leg.

Step 3: head

You can swap out different peices to create different looking heads.

Step 4: body

Push the two Horidika necks down a bit and they’ll “lock” into place.

The axle here is a ‘5 long.

Use axle pins to attach the gunmetal peice. I just forgot to take pictures.

Finally, attach the head and limbs like so.

The base design is very customizable and I’ve already made several mocs in the series that I’ll be posting in the future. Like I said earlier, the reason I wanted to make a how-to for it is because I wanted to see people make similar mocs and maybe get a community thing going. I look forward to seeing what people can do with it.


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