Edgeack Protector of fire

The Most edgy of the Protectors ! this is my entry for the people of Okoto community project , and as always it is custom painted , i drew inspiration from Modalt Masks tribal Masks iv seen and made this Protector more Tribal looking i hope you guys like it :slight_smile:
gender: male
Name: Edgeack
Hobbies: Being Edgy, saving lives , hero for hobby
Best Friend : Sliver, His AI he made and put on his back
Age: N/A
Edgeack always had a thing for being the best and being as EDGY as possible , growing up he was intelligent and a natural at fighting… he was always the first to defeat enemys who tried to destroy his home town, even when he was young… as he grew older he climbed the ranks and became wise from all the time he had spent observing the growing world around him.
one thing he always wanted was to be like a Toa and to have a creature to unite with him, but sadly this could not be, so with his intellect and power he crafted a robotic creature know to him as sliver , what resides on his back as a backpack and in battle becomes his battle mask…

Edgeack with cape:

Edgeack without his cape:

Edgy Photo:

With Sliver as his battle mask:

His Weapons:
SkullSpider Element Launcher , crafted from a dead skull spider

The Skull shield what is also crafted from a dead skull spider

both weapons together


Lame name aside (sorry not sorry), those painted parts are gr8 and set him apart from other PoF mocs


how edgy

He’s not super complex but I find the painted parts to have a very interesting effect.


I’m a big fan of painted/modded parts. Excellent idea to add a tribal pattern to the shells like that. It gives him a very authentic look.

But to me the color scheme could use some accenting. Some trans-orange pieces peppered in the build would really make it pop, I feel.


That painted mask is great :goo:.


@TheMoltenKing IK its A lame name i had to make something up on the spot and had no creativity so i mixed edge, with my last moc what most of these pieces came from Rexxak XD #SupperOriginal
@Joe Shhhhhhh and yeah i made him in about 30-40 mins with limited pieces , i just wanted to get him made :slight_smile: and thank you idk if that’s meant to be good or bad :slight_smile:
@BlackboltJohnson Atm my pieces are very limited , i wanted to use trans orange but i have none, and the only shell i had i used and painted XD and my new set of paints what include a nice poppy orange , what i wanted to use , doesn’t come till next week :l
@Altair Thanks :smiley:


The images are broken for me-
All the images are.
That paint job is amazing.

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@Huntere hahaha good to see thats fixed and thanks :slight_smile: i put some sort of effort into it XD (thats me trying to sound cool as i didn’t use my model telescope , what makes things easier cause im as edgy as this MOC)

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Cool, I love the tribal-esq painting.


Oh my god the paint job! You never cease to amaze me with them. They always give your mocs their own unique flare!

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@Stoax Thank You :slight_smile:
@TeelGuy Thank you so much that means allot to me man :slight_smile: <3

The paint job is great, and the MOC is good overall. Nice work!

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@boehmond Thanks :slight_smile: means allot

Oh Im sure Dalerem and Edgeack would be the best of friends.



@TeslaEffect Defo XD :joy::laughing::wink: :slight_smile:

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Nice job with the paint and tribal markings!


Do okotans have that technology?

Also painted parts


I like him, the way the creature head goes over him is great, though I would give him some trans neon orange bones here and there to liven hm up, make him look like he is fire.


@Alieraah UMG YOU LOOKED AT MY MOC slowly screams your kinda my fav Mocist and your youtube channel is goals lolz XD i need to stop fan screaming lolz thank you so much !!!
@Anaru_LST i bet yours are amazing ! have you posted them on here im sure iv seen them ?
@AwesomeJoel27 you say [quote=“AwesomeJoel27, post:18, topic:28125”]
Do okotans have that technology?

i did say he was intelligent didn’t i :wink: and sorry i paint all my Mocs please dont kill me ;-;
and yeah, i dont have any neon orange pieces as i ran out of parts recently and need a new brink link order when i get my money at the end of the month XD #WeekendJob’sSuck

His intelligence doesn’t matter if the culture doesn’t have the technology, just cause Davinchi was smart doesn’t mean he could build a computer.

But hey its your own cannon.

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