Ekimu v. Kulta Revamp

Ekimu’s alright, the torso is a little gappy under the arms.

kulta is, uh, he looks like skeletor took all the steroids, and not in a good way,
he’s lumpy, and I think he skipped leg day.
6.8 for the legs and torso.
4, I can’t really get over the entire shoulder area.
honestly, you didn’t put the bulk in the right places.


These are really good, I really like the look of Ekimu. I just can’t get over the fact that Kulta looks like he is holding his lower arms


Kulta’s limbs look a bit too spindly compared to his HUGE body,but otherwise he’s cool and Ekimu is perfect <3


Dang they look nice. I’m not going to bother giving a rating for them. The battle scene makes Kulta look so imposing and Ekimu as an ‘underdog’ of sorts.

The forearms are a bit scrawny, and shoulders/back are a bit out of proportion, looks like really built up shoulders/back-with bad posture. Though if I were you, that would be what I would be going for anyways. It’s a skeleton, that happens to be alive and regained some mechanical muscles while still not having a few proper limbs or something.

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deez r kewl gr8 job

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IMHO, Kulta’s overbulked to the point where he looks nothing like a skeleton :confused:
Ekimu’s pretty good though.

You’ve got it exactly right. I wasn’t going for perfect proportions or anything; it’s an undead soldier for crying out loud, but i guess it wouldn’t have hurt to tone down the shoulders a bit.


IMO, Ekimu looks great but Kulta had a couple too many cookies, sorta like Tahu.


This is cool and all in many ways…but Kulta?

He looks less than nothing like a skeleton.

He looks like the living version of Kulta took some serious drugs and became the Hulk.


‘‘Kulta smashz’’


kulta has a bit too muscled of a torso so its hard to find head

other than that isn’t it kinda early for a revamp?

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what do you mean “early for a revamp”??

what does that even mean?

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Thoroughly enjoy both as MoCs; as their characters, I think Ekimu looks top-tier but Kulta is a bit too bulky for my tastes. The Skeleton look is somewhat lost. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, good work and such.



@Mesonak Very much appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

too much shoulders

Kulta is preety… bad
He looks like you used 75% of parts to make torso, then rememberen he neaded some arms
Also legs have awful proportions (upper leg = 2x lower leg) and piston doesn’t blend that much now

And back is preety meh’ish (theres some stuff you could have done to make it more interesting and stuff

…on the other hand Ekimu is nice, but lack of chest-iceblue (moving in one shell lower) is meh


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I like it when the lower legs are longer…but there is a point when you ask yourself “how do they walk?”

not because I made a MOC like that or anything…no, that would be crazy

Ekimu looks great. But where the one Lego stud is on his chest looks pretty empty compared to the rest of the MOC.

And Kulta… well Kulta is really good. 10/10

I would say i appreciate the criticism, but i think you were a bit too harsh my friend. I don’t think theres anything particularly “bad” about these mocs. Sure Kulta’s shoulders are a tad too large but i feel you’re really reaching here. There are bad mocs, sir, and this is not one of them

They are unique and while kulta is not bad, he’s not great. His limbs are not quite fitting to the torso(close but no cookie) and the shoulders are like the hulk on steroids. Ekimu IMO is awesome, but I’d rather just get the kulta set as that one has decent proportions.

I do like your Mocs and see real room for improvement on kulta(not Ekimu really I think that was spot on). Have you thought about an update with smaller shoulders to even him out? Even if you don’t like it you can change it back, and if it looks really bad, you can prove that you did what you did to make it look better.