Elemental Creature of Plasma Daicore

Daicore is one of six elemental creature working together with the Toa’s from a legendary land flying over the iland Tora-kota Anubin-Metro named after the spirit of fate Anubis, with the power of unity granted to them by the spirite of fate Anubian each elemental creature can combine with a Toa of same element or if needs be with any of the Toa’s.

(Editors note, ''Hello guys just wanted to add in my ideas for the look of this guy first I wanted to make a moc that looked as close to gore Magala from monster hunter as possible(for my other Bionicle monster hunter moc check right here, Monster Hunter Bionicle Rathalos ) and I wanted to try and use the orange clear parts in combination with white. This is the results now back to the rest of the post)




Daicore is a proud beast and belive’s he is the strongest elemental creature. Thanks to the power of the mask of Fate worn by the spirite of Fate Anubis.
Daicore now protects the flying iland of Anubin-Metro a iland created by the spirite’s to act as there home and a port for the spirite’s that lives beyond the outer limits of the sky as well as a place for traveling sky Rahi to rest, many birds and flying wiverns come to Anubin-Metro.

Daicore can stand on his hindlegs though only do so when he wants to scare away other Rahi and look bigger.

(Editors note 2 ‘‘I desided to take a photo of him feeling frightend/defeated just for fun.’’ end note)

And finally here he is with his Toa partner when combined, (for more information and photos of the Toa of Plasma and daicore combined check out the Toa of plasma Post, http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/toa-of-plasma-daioh/30620 with that said here it is)


erm isn’t it an elemantal creature of plasma?

No its a creature of plasma daicore
Looks really cool

I wanted to call them beast insted because the one’s I made so far have all been based on predetor like creature’s the next one is a raptor and the third one will be a snake, my plan is to try and make them combine in diffrent ways to make them diffrent from the normal/original creature’s hence the name Elemental Beast.

same awnser to you as I gave to Nova,

Pretty cool and unique. The studs on the wings are kinda distracting though

A Phoenix, a shark, and a wolf would all be predators. (Ikir, Akida, Melum) and they are all still called creatures. Plus, the word “Beast” implies a savage, mindless nature. This character can clearly think if he believes he is the strongest, so “Creature” would still be more fitting.

Not to mention, the only Beasts in G2 we saw were the monsters that Umarak summoned, so giving it that name would more associate it with being a monster.

There kind are like beast they where mutated with the mask of fate so that they could combine with the Toa there Rahi kind are still like as you said savage creature’s though they can think and have a good form of IQ, they still act like wild Rahi, though I know I havent mentiond this befor, as I for another resun picket Beast because I thought it sounded cooler, then Creature’s though If you want I can change both the post name and the wrighting from beast to Creature if it make’s every one happy.

I really like this, but I feel the wings kinda break up the smooth aesthetic. I think you could fix this with the smooth pieces that are on Uxar’s wings.

true though I wanted to use that I could not as first for some resun here in Sweden The creature of Jungle, creature of stone, protector of earth,stone and jungle were not sold in any store with in the town I live in or the 4 closest one’s either they for some resun where all given hate and could not be found, also I wanted as I stated the wings to look kinda like Gore Magala’s wings from monster hunter 4U and Generations.