Elemental Guardian Of Darkness-Dark Spawn

The Elemental Guardians are the first warriors to have control over one of the seven elements, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Light and Darkness

Dark Spawn is one of my favourite Guardian, out of the seven
Mostly from the use of these Technic parts on his back, because they can come off and be use as different weapons
side blade thing, or something
a bow
They can also move on their own, when there on his back
Dark Spawn dose have one more weapon
A Elemental weapon call Death Scythe
The Elemental weapon are the prime weapons use by the Guardians, they help enhance the user powers, making there ability’s and element stronger

Well that in for know let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


This is nice, the spike tail thingies really solidify this moc.

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This is really cool! I love the flexibility of the spikes weapons, and the scythe is killer (pun intended)…though I think it might look even cooler with a black Brutaka blade instead of the Krika sword. I love the wiry, slim build, and the Kraakhan is a great choice of mask.

Will you be posting the other six soon? I’m interested in seeing them…

The black Brutaka blade to me seen a bit big, as for the krika sword I like that better because it has a more of a bone short of look. Oh as for the other Guardian I may post them soon but I’m working on a new build for the Light Guardian

Like @tak210 said, the spike tail things really fit this MOC.

It is a little big, now that I think about it…I look forward to seeing the others!

I love how he looks! :smile:

-Good body structure overall with Little to No HF/CCBS pieces
-The Different Weapons is nice
-Fairly Pose-able

-Red and Blue pins are an eye-sore
-Back lower leg need some coverage
-The Death Scythe need a rubber-band to hold its shape
-Doesn’t look like it can possess 7 elements, but I guess it to mislead enemy’s?

Those weapons are the coolest weapons yet.

And you, sir (or ma’m?) are an expert at posing.

Those spike tentacle things are a stroke of genius in my opinion. They add so much to this moc.

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He only his the one element, darkness. There are going to be six more who have the other elements


really cool

stone gets no love

this moc feels very edgy, especially given that scythe.

Yeah stone dose get no love, just because I see stone and earth are the same in some way

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While this is a very very cool MOC, it is missing something very important.
Black and silver go well together, but they are way overused, and just make MOCs boring. Otherwise, very neat MOC. Cool weapon. Cool design.

Well if you don’t like black and silver MOCs, your not going to like most of my MOCs, because thay are black and silver. :wink:

Cool! You can probably enter it in the Brotherhood of Makuta community project

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This is amazing, I love the tendril things, those are so cool. The legs and torso are also amazing. Good job! 17/10 :smile:

I love the gauntlets! Great work :smile:

I really like this MOC! But, red pins + blue pins = no quite as good