Empire of Insects (signups)

How sorrowful a procession was carried that day, that the hearts of millions would weep at his passing! The death of True Emperor of Mantid Dynasty Hoshu will be repaid to his murderer!

The bells tolled as the coffin of our great Emperor was brought down from the royal temple, mourners standing on the sidelines in great sorrow. Young Yuburu strode along behind it, robed in the mantle of his late father, prepared in mind and body to ascend to the throne.

The grave was adorned with the flowers of the mourning, but were swept away by the stoic Holos, the honor-bound rhino beetles in the Emperor’s service. As a final gift to the late Emperor, for all his glory and splendor, the Holos opened the grave of one gone before and removed his skull, fixing it to the tomb of Emperor Hoshu, as a sign that they would never forget him.

A winding speech was delivered by the head of the estate, and Yuburu refrained from commenting. Eventually the crowds filed away, as the Holos bowed in reverence, until at last there was the weaver. His emotionless face carried the sorrow of the whole ordeal, and his long, thin legs which raised him to the sky carried him away in complete silence.

So was the death of The Great Emperor Hoshu Mantid, at the hands of traitors. He will be avenged.

Welcome to the land of Grales, the home of the Empire of Insects. Gone are the jovial days of prosperity and peace, as civil war begins to stir amidst the hearts of the masses. The assassination of the Emperor was greeted heartily by some, and completely denied in utter disbelief by others. Racial tensions grow higher than they ever have, and unless the Holos can retain power in the capitol, it could mean the end of the Empire.

[details=World]The realm of Grales is divided into three main portions: The Capitol, The Commonwealth, and The Great Forest.

[details=The Commonwealth]The Commonwealth is the largest portion of the kingdom, where a wide variety of insects lived in peace until extremely recently. While some insects still try to return to that blissful acceptance of one another, seeds of doubt and suspicion have been sown thanks to the death of the Emperor, and now entire races are being held into question. The Commonwealth consists of a small town and empty, rolling fields, a good amount of which have been converted into farmland.
There are a few notable locations here. First the Weaver’s house, a windmill where he, the Weaver, as only a few know his true name, sits and spins fine fabric comparable to the silk brought in by foreign traders. The foreign embassy, which the Emperor insisted would not be located in the capitol, gladly houses any travelers from beyond the kingdom’s borders. Word of the Emperor’s death finally reaching beyond the borders of Grales will surely bring in some ambassadors. The Sand Tavern, where adventures and peasants alike gather to drink and sing their cares away, and where bounty hunters and mercenaries lurk in the gloom, waiting for a task. There is also the fire mine which collapsed partially some years ago, and the Emperor had it shut down for safety reasons. The mock Holos known as the Fable Knights protect not the emperor, but the people of Grales, and may or may not be working with the rebellion from their headquarters in the Commonwealth.
Finally, you have the Millipede stables, and why this bears significance I’ll explain later.[/details]

[details=The Capitol]The pinnacle of modern engineering and architecture crafted by the great minds of the mysterious Master Crafters, the Capitol was constructed under the guidance and the watchful eye of Grand Emperor Mantidus Yumo after he conquered the warring nations of Grales, beginning the Empire of Mantid. The city surrounding the capitol building - The Mantid Temple - itself has aged heavily over the decades, but still stands strong. Yet in the back alleys of its pristine might lies the wicked criminal underworld, who couldn’t care less for the Emperor and his demise. As long as an emperor sits on the throne, they will continue to act.
The face of this underworld leader is unknown, yet it is highly suspected that he is one of the last of the forbidden race, the Arachnids. Not only were they shunned for being monsters who eat other insects, but Emperor Yumo Ran Chi set the death warrant on any that remained in the entire Empire. Yet the suspiciously alien Weaver remains, despite being comparable to an Arachnid, yet utterly defying it and surviving on a very strict and simplistic diet has cleared him from most suspicion.
The capital has many shops of fine material which usually come from outside the Empire, such as silk. If a player wanted to have a store it would probably be here.
The Holos reside in a sanctuary under the Capitol, and are often found out patrolling about Grales, their very presence being a deterrent to those seeking to commit nefarious deeds.[/details]

[details=The Great Forest]Only the foolish walk here.
The Great Forest is known for two things: delicious, delectable food growing in the heart of the trees, along with rumours of the greatest treasure ever known… And monsters. While most remain unconfirmed myths, there is a prophecy that the destroyer of worlds will erupt from the great forest and push the nation into the sea. It also serves as a barrier between Grales and the rest of the world, and is too massive of an expanse to be trekked through or flown over.
The traders that come through the barren land trek around the massive forest on the Pilgrim’s Road, bringing things like silk and pearl from the distant country of the Moths. They know not to tread into that great body of trees… Insects that dare to venture in farther than a short distance are never seen again.[/details][/details]

[details=Races]The world of Grales is inhabited by numerous insects, culminating in many different races. Playable races will be decided on a case-by-case basis as I want you to figure out what kind of insect you’re really going to be playing.

[details=Superior Races]The general order of races in hierarchy are considered to the rest of the insect kingdom. Ones currently unplayable are listed as so:

Mantis - Ruling family, few currently alive. (Unplayable)
Centipede - Only one centipede currently alive, no known location . (Unplayable)
Rhino/Goliath Beetle - Giant beetles that defend the royal family, are very strong and extremely resilient.
Moths - Seen as very intelligent, aren’t very strong and are extremely dainty and delicate in their behavior. (Unplayable)

[details=Arachnids]While I don’t want to keep Arachnids from being playable forever, I will at the start to prevent an overflow, because everyone would much rather be a Spider than a Dung Beetle. Unlike with the last category these will all be allowed at once at some point in the future.

Scorpion - Never seen in Grales. It’s reasonable to exist if any are alive.
Tick - Rather weak but extremely intelligent. Are the most vile of the Arachnids.
Spider - Master craftsman and extremely crafty. It’s been rumoured that the web they produce is comparable to silk.
Huntsman - Only one known Huntsman, or Daddy Longlegs, exists. The Weaver.[/details]

[details=Millipedes]The most trodden-on race around, the Millipedes are the pack animals of the insects. Farmers gladly use them for labour, hauling great weights on their uncompromising backs. They talk to each other in quiet clicks but can be trained to speak and comprehend basic speech. There are some advocates, like the Weaver, who argue that the Millipedes deserve the same rights as anyone else, and some theorize that the destroyer of worlds is a giant Millipede who will enact vengeance on those who gravely mistreated its brethren.
The Empire has outlawed abusive ownership of a Millipede and anyone who is caught mistreating one in their care is subject to punishment, ranging from repossession of the Millipede to death. You’re welcome to play as a Millipede if you want, but I don’t see why you would.

[details=Signup and Rules]Here is the signup sheet for the RP. When it comes to creating your character I Cannot Stress Enough, You must be specific with your wording and description. If you choose an insect and gloss over the details I will assume you are limiting yourself to the exact wording you chose, so I need to know everything you want included.

The races not allowed are:
Any insects that work in a hive (Ants, Bees, Termites, et cetera)
Any insects smaller than a fly (Gnats, Fleas, et cetera)
Any insects that effect other insects through some form of zombification (I’m thinking zombie wasps specifically)
Any insect that can survive for an extended period without its head (Cockroaches, et cetera)

Name: What you want your character to be named.
Species: This is a fantasy world, so some size alteration and humanism is going to take place. Keep in mind I will be looking at your species’ capabilities in your signup very closely.
Gender: Insects that reproduce asexually will be ignored for the sake of this RP.
Capabilities: If your insect can fly, it needs to be stated here. If you are a dragonfly but your Capabilities does not specifically list it I will assume you cannot.
Appearance: What your insect looks like. A drawing is preferred, but a general description will do as well.
Bio: What your character did before the RP began. I’d use the death of the Emperor as a good stopping point but it’s up to you.

[details=Rules]The rules are simple but unmoving. Failure to follow them will likely result in eventually being booted from the RP.

No Godmodding, Autohitting, Bunnying, et cetera.
These golden rules made either an appearance or a return about the time I started interacting with the RP section of the message boards. No idea if it was me or just coincidence, or if there was some dead RP pushing for proper rules. Regardless, here they are. You’ve seen them everywhere before and you know them well.

Respect other members
I don’t feel like I need to describe what this means.

Play fair
Don’t magically heal from every wound. Many insects have more than two ‘arm’ limbs so losing one isn’t the end of the world. And if you want your character to stay safe, play them safe.[/details][/details]

Here’s the RP Topic.

[details=Approved characters][quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]



A few specific things that I want to be clarified:

Unless I missed something on the sheet, what country does this exactly take place in? (For the sake of deciding the specific species of the “insect” or other kind of arthropod that I may be playing, based on their native territory) From what I’ve gathered, it seems to be an Asian country. Or is it just a made-up fantasy world with no grounding in a geographical location on Earth.
And In the latter case, would varient species of an insect from any country be allowed?

Yes and yes.

However if you decide to do something extremely bizarre or unique I’m going to judge it with a more critical eye.

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Here are my new characters:

Name: The Blood Queen

Species: Culicidae (Mosquito)

Gender: Female

The Blood Queen is a vampiric being, meaning that she sucks on the blood of others to sustain her life and health. The more blood she drinks, the more powerful she becomes. However, instead of mammals she feeds on other insects and arthropods. She of course also has wings and can fly.
The Blood Queen can regrow lost limbs, wings and antennae over a week-long period. Any internal damage can be fully healed as well. The healing process is accelerated when she feeds. She has heightened senses, especially hearing and smell.

Of course The Blood Queen’s blood-sucking feature is also a weakness just as much as it is a strength; she will only become weaker the longer she goes without feeding.

The Blood Queen looks like this:

Except she is bipedal and has larger wings.

Deep in the damp marshlands of Grales, there are whispered rumors of a hidden group known as The Blood Pact. It is an organization of vampiric blood-feeding creatures, such as Vampire Moths, Bedbugs, Leeches and namely Mosquitoes. Most often when an empty carcass is discovered, the blame is pinned on The Blood Pact.
The group is assembled together for one purpose, and that is the collaborative effort to find blood to feed on.
Truly like Vampires, The Blood Pact comes out only at night, feeds on unsuspecting victims and discards their shells, and then retreats back into their hideout long before they are suspected.
The leader of the Blood Pact is The Blood Queen. She oversees and commands the entire group, having ascended to power after feeding on the blood of her own mother and father, the previous leaders as part of a sacred ritual.
However, The Blood Pact has encountered problems recently: They are now an incredibly small order, almost extinct. And they are running out of food, which does not help matters much either. The Blood Queen and what fragments are left of her organization might now be faced with the difficult choice to venture further outwards for more food and members, but at a greater risk of discovery.

Name: Scalthus

Species: Sinea diadema(Crowned Assassin Bug)

Gender: Male

Scalthus can use his long straw-like tube-mouth to inject a paralyzing venom into his victim’s bodies. The venom then proceeds to liquify the victim’s insides before Scalthus slurps up the juices with the same very tube.
Scalthus also sometimes carries the bodies of his victims on his back, as a means of disguise.

Scalthus can scale walls and jump for high and long distances. He can regrow any lost limbs or antennae over a week-long period. The same applies to internal injuries, which have a full recovery.

Appearance: Scalthus looks like this:

Except bipedal.

Scalthus is a highly skilled freelance assassin in Grales. He’ll carry out any job as long as the pay is good enough.

As before, please let me know if there are any contradictions to your rules or something that you’re unclear about.

I’m iffy on this. It essentially circumvents me not allowing Arachnids currently.[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]
The Blood Queen also has soldiers at her disposal who are willing to carry out her work for her, so she rarely has to come out of hiding and do things herself.

Yeah no. Any hint of an organization of this type would have been known by now. Also:[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]
Deep in the damp marshlands of Grale,


And where are these marshlands exactly?

And this is also not going to fly. Ticks are not yet allowed as they are arachnids, and really? leeches? the chance that any leech would be able to survive for an extended period long enough to do anything as part of an organization is ridiculous.

Now for Scalthus.[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]
Scalthus can use his long straw-like tube-mouth to inject a paralyzing venom into his victim’s bodies. The venom then proceeds to liquify the victim’s insides before Scalthus slurps up the juices with the same very tube.

I’m alright with this, because getting a long, delicate tube to pierce even the weakest point of an insect’s body is going to take some level of restraint, meaning he’s not going to be randomly overpowering people and eating them constantly.
Normally I would say no, because this is why Arachnids were blacklisted… For now. And keep in mind as soon as his little habit is found out he’s going to become public enemy number one.[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]

Don’t know why this is listed here… Does he have wings or is this just an error?[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]
Scalthus is a high-Ranking member of a secret Assassin’s Guild in Grale.

No, sorry. No assassin’s guilds popping up out of nowhere. If you want to form one you’ll have to do it once your character is approved and has the opportunity to go asking people to work with him. Him being a bounty hunter/hired hand is acceptable, though.

Well that’s how mosquitoes biologically work. Females feed on blood to sustain the nutrition of both themselves and their yet-unborn spawn.
If you didn’t yet want arrachnids specifically because of the vampirism, you should have stated that In the rules earlier or now for proper clarification.
And I promise not to abuse the blood-feeding habit.

Well soldiers isn’t really that good of a term. It’s not soldiers in the sense of having an army, it’s more like individual or small teams of warriors.
I think “agents” would more properly describe them. And one of the points of leading and commanding a shady organization is that others do all the work for you while you barely have to do anything and still reap the benefits. In fact having people carry out tasks for the Blood Queen is inevitable since that is part of her leader function.

A swampland thick with weeds, near the edge of The Great Forest. I chose a Swamp/Marsh because mosquitoes and other blood feeders generally live in moist, dank habitats. Most often around bodies of water.

You’re not supposed to be giving it too much thought. I was just mentioning a list of blood-feeding invertebrates in passing. I didn’t actually plan on playing or developing these guys beyond the fact that they’re in The Blood Pact, even once(or if) arachnids are accepted. The Mosquitoes are supposed to be the main focus. And Ticks still exist in this universe even if they aren’t playable as characters, so they can still be mentioned.

That was a typo. I fixed it.

…what if the guild was exclusive to Assasin Bugs only? If you’re still truly against this guild after this suggestion, then I’d be willing to change it.

if you haven’t yet noticed, I’m trying to make characters with gimmicks based on their species nickname or function.

They feed on mammals, not other insects. That’s what I’m having a bit of issue with, since there’s no indication that any differentiation is occurring here.[quote=“Mctoran, post:9, topic:49830”]
I think “agents” would more properly describe them. And one of the points of leading and commanding a shady organization is that others do all the work for you while you barely have to do anything and still reap the benefits.

And that’s something I’m not going to greenlight, sorry. If you want a shadow organization you’ll have to make it in-game.[quote=“Mctoran, post:9, topic:49830”]
A swampland thick with weeds, near the edge of The Great Forest.

I’ll consider that area potentially existing, but aside from one pc mosquito, it doesn’t seem to serve much in-game purpose.[quote=“Mctoran, post:9, topic:49830”]
You’re not supposed to be giving it too much thought.

Well, my condolences.[quote=“Mctoran, post:9, topic:49830”]
I was just mentioning a list of blood-feeding invertebrates in passing.

You should really take note of what you put in your signups. I’ve already stated I’m going to take extra note of wording, so I’m not sure what you expected.

This is essentially playing as them, though, and therefore it’s not getting approved.[quote=“Mctoran, post:9, topic:49830”]
…what if the guild was exclusive to Assasin Bugs only?

That’s an interesting concept, if we ever get any more… But it can’t exist beforehand. You’ll have to make it in-game.

Oh boy this looks fun…

…oh, so how about Crustaceans, as they are closely related to bugs? As I’d like to play a stomatopod

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I now specified things in the signup sheet.




…I fixed the signup sheet, so when you can I would like you to reread it.

Yeah. I had a potential idea for a crab character.

could I make a big hercules beetle character? like a chunky warrior with the brainpower comparable to a cabbage?

I’m pretty sure any bug that isn’t on the blacklist is allowed. After their signup sheet is judged by Ghid, that is.

You know, I’d really like to say yes. Crustaceans actually think incredibly similar to insects if a little higher than them. However for the time being I think I’ll say no, only because most crustaceans are so absolutely massive they would completely smother any competition.

…However, if you were to write a convincing profile, I might change my mind.[quote=“L.O.S.S-KAL, post:13, topic:49830, full:true”]
could I make a big hercules beetle character? like a chunky warrior with the brainpower comparable to a cabbage?

No, because he’s a Rhinoceros beetle, which is unplayable currently… Why does everyone automatically want the unplayable classes at the very start of the game

Alright, how’s about this: After I post a signup of a type of insect that is previously unplayable, that insect or arachnid or whatever is now playable and will be specified in the rules. Cool? @L.O.S.S-KAL don’t worry, there’s a hercules beetle going to have a profile sheet posted by me real soon I just don’t have the time atm, work on whatever you have in the meantime[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]
However, instead of mammals she feeds on other insects and arthropods

What are the specifics of this process? Do they have to be crippled or restrained in some manner first, or?[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]
there are whispered rumors of a hidden group known as The Blood Pact.

You’re sweetening this concept of a shadow organization up even more, but I’m still allergic. Possibly such a group existed and then fell apart?[quote=“Mctoran, post:7, topic:49830”]



Sounds great to me

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It’s similar to Scalthus.

Okay, sure. Maybe The Blood Queen is trying to revive her dying order then. I’ll edit it.

I was thinking that too, but I only planned to play very small crustaceans and not a dog-sized lobster.

What if a size restriction was put in place to better regulate crustaceans? Like “No Crustaceans larger then your palm” or something like that?

And by the way, I revised The Blood Queen’s profile @Ghid.

Would a firebug work?

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First off, I love this concept. Reminds of a mix between Hollow Knight and Bug Heroes. Though I have a couple questions. How humanized are the insects? Do they were clothing, or at least something like clothes, like capes and stuff? Do they use handheld tools/weapons? Do they have stuff like books and paper?


Also what tech level?


Also @Ghid, I’m curious about what other groups we can use.
Of course all insects (except for the specific species you blacklisted ) are allowed, and arachnids are yet to be accepted. And crustaceans are on a Maybe, case-by-case basis.

But what about other groups?

There’s annelids (leeches and worms)

And then there’s also mollusks(snails and slugs)

And, this may be pushing things, but what about miniature amphibians and reptiles? (Frogs, turtles and salamanders specifically, as most share the same habitat with bugs.)

And another thing:
You said that hivemind insects are not allowed, but is it because of the large numbers? If that’s so, then could we still sign up singular antisocial insects in the Hymenoptera order?
Examples would be that of the Dinosaur Ant:

And speaking of which, can extinct bugs still be signed up as well?

I was also curious about this. I had a slight idea for potentially creating a cyborg spy beetle as a character:

Of course with some modifications.

Well I did originally sign up a character who a sword as a weapon. But Ghid didn’t allow him because he was an Ant. He never said anything about the sword, though…

Why did you replied to me?