Emuex's Quest To Create Combiners

This is where I (try to) make combiner models with what I have on hand.
This is Krahka (-Onewa):

Zivon (with added humidifier to prove that I am sick):

And Krahka w/ Zivon:

tbh I think the Zivon is really lame, and the Krahka is quite cool. I was inspired to make this topic after watching the Top 10 Most Unique Rahi Video, and, uh, yeh. Do you guys like them? I’m prolly going to post at least 4 more combiners, and see what other ones I can make.

Uh, Lava Hawk and Dagger Spider.
Reusing photos bcuz I’m lazy.The Lava Hawk has a unique beak, and the Dagger Spider has the same problem as the Zivon, w/ all the spindly parts and legs. Pretty good overall.

Last one for today:
Doesn’t have a name, but he does have a nice height to him. He has custom upper legs, and leg/hip support, with the extra bone pieces. Weapon attaches awkwardly, and is just weird overall. Gear function is only in left arm, and is kinda meh.

This is the Waikiru, he’s cute, simple, and technically not a combiner. Has limited articulation, but looks nice overall.

The Mukau Mata Nui Cow looks very much like a cow. All the pieces work together, and the build is quite solid. Easily one of my favorites.

This is Keras. he also looks cute, but is stuck at a slant looking upward. Has very nice tropical colors, and looks like a crab, which was (hopefully) the intent.

The Kavinika is a small bird wolf thing, but you kinda have to use your imagination to really see it. The disc launchers for the wings are a nice touch.

Kinloka is a…? Scorpion? I don’t really know, but it’s pretty solid, and has more articulation than Skull Scorpio, and has a nice articulated tail, too.

Another weird combiner. Colony Drones are not my favorite things, but they have some cool play features, like the rhotuka, and two swords, along with hip…articulation? (Shakira in Bionicle confirmed)

Now we get to the larger combiners, starting with the Rahkshi Kaita Za. (I think that’s the one). This one is using Lerahk’s feet as opposed to Turahk’s feet, because I only have one mata-red rahkshi foot. (I said try to create these, remember? This is but one of many offenders) It has quite the floppy feet, but the triple-headedness is pretty cool-looking. Much better than the Colony Drone.

This is the Kranua. Big legs, crappy everything else, that is all. (Note that I don’t have Zadakh, and so I used a Keerakh instead)

The Kraahu combiner is much better than the Kranua. Lots of repetition, but it looks much better and more fluid.

This is a Piraka combiner that was only released in Korea. It’s preeety much Irnakk, with a few tweaks, but it’s okay. (note that the torso is backwards and I don’t have Reidak so I had to use Zaktan)

This is the other Piraka Kaita released in Korea, otherwise known as Irnakk, if you just did the combiner instead of buying the set. Pretty menacing, but he only has a zamor sphere launcher and is not gold-skinned.

This is the first Toa Kaita, otherwise known as Akamai. He’s the tallest of the combiners I’ve made so far, and does something pretty creative. It does what Onua Master of Earth does, with using a balljoint in the gear function to keep it stable and not wobbly. He’s very well filled out, to some extent, and is in my top five combiners list.

Akamai Nuva. He’s missing his sternum, and his secondary weapon. He can’t move his legs, like that last one, and his head is wobbly. Kinda a downgrade, for being a Nuva Kaita. At least it has the most powerful mask (according to Venom)?

At first, I didn’t know that Sentrakh had a head. I thought it was the bohrok shield, until I started building him. Sentrakh’s so cool, he needs to have another picture:

He’s my favorite just because of how solid he is for the size. This is probably because he is made of two titans, and uses the majority of the pieces. As you can see, he has a mouth, which opens and closes, but it’s more of a flop, as you can’t keep it open.
And now, more pictures of the whole group:

Top 5:

  1. Sentrakh
  2. Mata Nui Cow
  3. Keras
  4. Akamai
  5. Lava Hawk
    Number of Combiners: 19

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Keep going

nice man, I wish you luck on creating the rest

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Good luck with 2007.

You are one of my favourite people…

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And why is that?

Is there some weird combiners in 2007?

Because the Lava hawk is one of my personal favourite Bionicle things, ever…

It is nice, probably my favorite combiner I’ve made, so far…

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Yeah, I probably love it because I only one '06 Matoran (Velika) for years, and I always looked at it, and wished I could build it, and then I did and my life was completed…

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Okay, I found a large list of combiners I could potentially make, but I want to know which one you guys would like to see the most.
The Shadowed One (Keep in mind my Roodaka is missing like 20 pieces)
Voporak (ditto the top one, but it’s large and cool)
Sentrakh (could easily make, kinda underwhelming)

He is my favourite looking of those three, but ideally you would buy a whole bunch 'o dupes so you can make all three…

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Let’s assume I only have one of each, and Roodaka is in slight disrepair.

Well I dunno, I still like Sentrakh…


brb be done in a sec

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Nice combiner collection. How making about the smaller, easier ones to build like the Bohrok alternate Rahi?

Soon… I’ll post a huge update when I finish this last combiner.

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Ooh! Goody! Can’t wait to see how much you have!

I should make a topic for my own collection of combiners/alternates

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My quest has reached it’s climax, and now I must see what else I can create, (maybe like 3 things max) for now, enjoy these pictures:
(rest are in the first post)


I don’t recall the Zaktan combiner having a giraffe neck :stuck_out_tongue: