Erron the elite

(Bio) born and raised on planet earth from a separate dimension from okoto where he had a normal life up until a certain part of it when Erron was coming home to his younger sister vetalia and his wonderful parents.
When Erron arrived home he knew something was wrong because his family is nevermore quiet then now.
So Erron went in and found his parents brutally killed in the kitchen and was worried for vetalia knowing she could be alive and so Erron search for his sister nowhere to be found but Erron found out who killed his parents apparently it was his highschool friend Agno because Erron was inraged by this the two clashed and Erron lost the fight because of his anger and arrogance.
Agno kick Erron into the pit not knowing there was a worm-hole with in the gaping chasm.
Erron was barely alive and unconscious likely someone found him and restructured Erron’s entire body into a biomechanical body mostly with some human remains.
After time Erron’s new body was given the all green and Erron was sent to the dimension okoto and has become one of the main hero protecters of the island.
Thought out Erron’s life on okoto had quite the respect rivalry with a friend called tapallu who is one of the other hero protecters of the island that work for ekimu the mask maker and the leader of the group.
Over time makuta the dark lord initiate the darkness purge war on okoto where Erron and the other fellow protecters who saved the island of okoto from the darkness.
And because of that very war itself ekimu nearly lost his life if it wasn’t for Erron’s bravery to save his master ekimu and therefore Erron was given the title Erron the elite for his great deed for ekimu
Erron’s main design comes from master cheif himself of the live action movie trailer
Erron’s glider comes from play stippling’s moc here massive thanks for the old glider design :grin:
(Tools and weapons)
Erron’s main weapon called the dellakia binder which has the ability with enough speed and force can brack any durability on any shied and or melee weapon
Erron’s secondary weapons are the aqwalla tallins for close combat and sneak kills to avoid evasion from his enemies when under a stealth mission assigned by ekimu himself
Erron’s third weapon is the tactical omnissions gun which can swap between shotgun mode and assault riffle mode which came in handy for some major problems though out the war

The Original Erron Erron the Savior
Erron theme song


very cool
i likey


This looks like a pretty good moc! I really like the head and the weapon designs!

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As you can see the head is primarily built out of hero factory parts here
The main part is fangz’s head piece combined with a hero tech visor which give a helmet design which is what I was going after :wink:


that’s a sick head design!

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