Escape from Whitegate(RP topic)

The fire didn’t affect him.
One of the guards could feat somebody tapping his shoulder.

The guard turned around to see who it was.

The guard could see it’s absolute gratest fear, whatever it was.

The guard was paralyzed by fear, frozen in place.

The fear stabbed him in the chest.

#####“Want some painkillers?”
The warrior asked causally leaning against the railing and letting one of their four floating arms swing about

The guard choked out one last gasp of fear, before dropping dead.
The last remaining guard chucked a plasma grenade at the monster.

“…Fine.” grunted Plague Knight

The sable warrior rustled in his coat a bit before pulling out a small packet of pain killers that looked comparatively tiny in the warriors hands. He then neatly tossed the pack into plague knight’s cell

Plague Knight easily caught it with one hand.
“Now go away.”

#####“In a bit of a dour mood today aren’t we?”

“It is not as if I have anything to be overly excited for.”

#####“Try poetry during your spare time”

Plague Knight simply rolled his eyes in responce.

#####“I suppose you could pray. Plenty of prisons have churches or mosques”

Plague Knight chuckled softly.
“Why would I pray to those who put me here?”

The monster dodged the grenade before catching the guard by his neck. It slowly shifted into a hooded woman with scarlet clothes and four red eyes.
Dez growled, to which the onerose her finger to her mouth and shushed him. She then slowly turned back to the guard.
“You’re not like the natives of this planet.” she said on a sweet voice. “Why are you here?”

Tarkur continued to follow michael throug the facility

“You killed one of our men! We were sent to investigate and rescue him.” The guard choked out.

####“Ah see we are not actually your biblical creatures, we simply were given their namesake.”

“One of your man?” she asjed, lowering her grip. “What do you mean? Who do you work for?”