Escape from Whitegate(RP topic)

X45 leaped out of his cavern, directly on the ship’s cockpit

It wouldn’t be possible, or at least not as easy, seeing that they were in the vacum of space. X45 could try, but his very first movement would trigger all of the aforementioned weapons.

OOC: Did you forget to say OOC?

OOC: No.
IC: The barrage of fire attacks would continue hitting X45.

OOC: I thought he was supposed to imprison him, not kill him



OOC:This doesn’t mean that

  1. He really has to do that.
  2. X45 really has to die. It would be the logical outcome, but look at the premise of our game.
    Besides, I already made clear Alyxandreon’s passion for killing villains. Nobody seemed to care when I did it with the Xi’argath.
    IC: The radiation soon got undetected. Maybe they just stopped, maybe they were too far away to be detected.

OOC: So me and Mctoran have been planning him to be imprisoned. Killing him would not fit in.

OOC:Then simply make him dodge my attacks.
IC: Thornrax started punching his cell’s doors.

OOC: Yes, but he still should imprison him afterwards. I made this character for a special purpose in the prison

Unless X45 would run away, the fire would kill him.

X45 speedily jumped out of the blasts’ way.

Alyxandreon followed him from the sky, shooting his two stasis cannons.

He still jumped like a monkey, dodging Alyxandreon “You’re not going to defeat me like that, idiot!” one of his hands changed into a blaster “My turn!” he began shooting

All of his shots gor absorbed by his shields.
“You know what? Ok.” he said, relaxing. “Show me all you got. I’ll take a nap.”

X45 laughed “Take your nap, I’m not going to get away, am I?”

No response. It was clear that Alyxandreon was disconsidering X45 enough to not care what he says.

X45 leaped away, out of Alyxandreon’s sight

As soon as he would turn his back, one of the stunt cannons would fire him, making him unable to move.

“Done. You captured me.” He chuckled