Escape from Whitegate (signups)

One of?

The dude is the oldest!

The following is not a criminal but is a visitor

Name: Leonardo
Gender: Male
Species: angel knight I made it accurate
Basically anything else an angel knight can do or Mctoran wants to do with him
His golden wings
His light swords that summon lightning, their true colour is blinding to most species, it’s material is found near black holes and forged in a supernova
His staff that brings eternal light
His golden armour with hints of the black hole material

Talking to species he is said to look like this:

Leonardo is an ancient being, he has a huge heart and almost never wrongs, he is the grandhigh leader of the universal council, he doesn’t fear the Xir’agrath as he sees all life as his brothers, he once knew Donatello and was the one who beat him

The frank oz version

Note: I’ve left the bio simple so @Mctoran can discuss everything he wants to happen with him


Name: Glar

Position: Surveyor

Species: Robot

Powers: Glar is linked to all cells and can detect if someone is missing

Weapons: Sniper, other guns


Bio: Glar is a robot made to inspect and control all cells for possible breakouts. He usually does his work, but he likes chatting.



Name: Nikolai ‘The Minotaur’ Farslo
Position: Deputy Warden
Species: Infinite
Super strength
Great Sword
Stun Gun
Invincible to most weapons
Can live to over a trillion years old

(Armour version)

Farslo always wanted to guard prisons, he uses his wit and has worked at the prison for most of his life now, he was trained by Leonardo and his a brave warrior, once fighting in arenas, he also enjoys mazes



Most, one of yours could probably stop him

D’ya think you can list the weapons for clarity’s sake?


Naming all his weaknesses might cause the problem of characters knowing things only players should know

No. Naming his weaknesses is a natural thing. Actually, you should name them.

It’s not like other players will isntantly take advantage of the character’s weakness in combat. That would be called Metagaming.

And meta gaming is punishable by execution

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Name: Makuta Therak
Gender: male
position: maximum security gaurd
Abilities: Typical makuta powers: Though doesn’t use alot of them for moral reasons. wears a mask that combines the powers of almost all known masks, those exclude are one-of-a-kind masks, nuva masks and legendary masks.

weapons: a large pole arm with a sword/ax combo head, and a small club on the other.


bio: He is the makuta of the island of Otouro in the southern island chains.

His personality is that of a wise caring ruler. He is known to go out of his way to help those in need but can be somewhat inflexible in his administration of justice. Since he is physically stronger than most in his jurisdiction and has been seen assisting the inhabitants with building projects, accomplishing them ahead of schedule. He known to harbor great love for his people, and every week has an open hearing, where any may come speak with him. While he is a good ruler, he is known for being extremely strict, and can be a bit inflexible when it comes to altering laws and sentences. He shows great concern for others, to the point that he forgets to take care of himself but shows no mercy to criminals. He has several different powers, such as the ability to create a shadow hand, and control fear and anger, but does not use them for moral reasons. He can also ■■■■■■■■■■, but rarely does so, because he feels like he is deceiving people when he does so. He is an accomplished warrior, and often can be seen at the front lines, defending Otouro from Skakdi and Visorak raiding parties.

As an alternate to the above.

Name: Glitria

Gender: female

position: rec room gaurd

Ablities: Typical Toa of ice powers, Plus all other elements (to be explained below), Akaukau

Equipment: Axe, small rifle, Element gauntlets, which is a pair of armoured gloves, which gives the user control over every know toa element, but can only control 2 at time (1 per glove) and must be focused through the gloves. It also has claws.


Bio: Glitria is the second in command of the monarchy of Ice in my element war story-line. She helped the current ruler eliminate the previous ruler. She later realizes that she was wrong, and helps the Alliance to defeat the Frozen Dominion, in exchange for protection for her people. She is firm in her conviction, and can be distant, but has a great love for the poor, having been in their position herself.

I feel compelled to state that Whitegate is a transdimensional prison complex much like my own prision. As such I don’t think that it exists in a “normal” universe but rather a pocket dimension.

Sorry if this makes me come off as dickish


Both are accepted.

But as a note for future reference, try to avoid double-posting. If you can, try to sign up multiple characters on the same post.

Wh[quote=“L.O.S.S-KAL, post:36, topic:49561, full:true”]
I feel compelled to state that Whitegate is a transdimensional prison complex much like my own prision. As such I don’t think that it exists in a “normal” universe but rather a pocket dimension

While Whitegate does not inhabit a “pocket dinension” persay, it resides outside of any universe. It basically exists in the space between universes in the Multiverse.

And yes, @L.O.S.S-KAL had his own multiversal prison as well. There is a lot of background lore in my RP universe, but I promise you’ll be caught up to speed eventually.

Well that’s overpowered as hell! I can guarantee she can easily obliterate Nikolai

But that probably won’t happen since they are both guards. So that’s a moot point.

But why would a Makuta, being that already have all the Kraata powers there are, a mask that ALSO gives it all the Mask Powers that there are?

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