Escape from Whitegate (signups)

In the most secluded, most isolated corner of The Multiverse, there is a prison known to many as “Whitegate Fortress”.
Constructed, overseen and primarily operated by The Council of Life, Whitegate serves as the top Maximum-security prison in the multiverse, rivalring and maybe even outclassing Ironbolt Penitentiary.
Whitegate houses the worstest, highest-profile villains and criminals in the Multiverse. Those who are imprisoned here find themselves almost literally stripped of their power, as well as losing the respect, reputation and empire that they had worked so hard to build over their career. They regress to a more primitive, dog-eat-dog mentality, constantly backstabbing and double-crossing each other in attempts to gain a leg up within the prison culture.(which are more often than not futile)

Things aren’t quite as easy for the guards and staff who work at Whitegate, either. They must constantly supervise and keep the rowdy prisoners in check, and such a task causes great stress. They must be always on alert, lest a prisoner attempts to pull some “sneaky business”.

Recently, after driving back The Xir’algath’s invasion of the multiverse, The Council of Life faces a sudden influx of new prisoners for Whitegate. Meanwhile, their atention is also being drawn to the very odd cosmic activity that has been occuring throughout the multiverse: Inter-universal barriers have been weakend, and Beings are suddenly being displaced from their native dimensions and into new ones. The Council may be on to a far-reaching conspiracy that involves another prisoner, one far older than Whitegate itself.
Can the operators of Whitegate penetrate this mystery in time, whilst maintaining order within the almost understaffed, overcrowded prison?

And more importantly, may the prisoners have finally found an oppurtunity to escape?

The concept for this RP has been floating in my mind nearly forever. It is one of the RPs that I have been more excited to release and play, and I have always been trying to find an opportunity to do so. Now that I have the time, it can finally see the light of day.
The main idea for this RP is to serve as a sort of “tribute” and celebration of the villains of RPs. Not just that, but also a celebration of the heroes who stand up to them.

On the timeline, this RP takes place after the events of The Last Resistance, and simultaneously to 2059: The Dark reflection. So keep this in mind when signing up characters.

1.) No OP or ridiculously powerful characters.
Well, actually, this prison is intended for the most dangerous beings in The Multiverse. So I will allow powerful characters, just as long as they don’t do aything crazy like reality warping, time travel, possession, or any of the like.

It doesn’t really matter since the prisoners will lose their powers anyways

2.) No Autohitting, Autododging, Godmodding or Metagaming.

3.) Please be respectful and civil with all other players OOC.

4.) There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have, as long as they can maintain a constant presence in the RP.(Unless, you know, they’re dead)

5.) Even after the RP has started, the sign ups will remain open. New players/characters will always be welcome.


Prisoner sheet
(Note: any signed up prisoner characters will be considered “new” and will arrive to be processed at the beginning of the RP, unless stated otherwise by the character’s creator)



Powers/abilities:(Note: A prisoner’s powers will be limited in the RP, but that doesn’t render them completely useless. They may actually be able to fully recover them later)

Weapons:(Note: A prisoner’s weapons will have been confiscated and locked up in the evidence locker by the beginning of the RP. But like their powers, they can be later recovered.)

Crimes:: (You don’t have to list every bad thing the prisoner has done, but just give a list of their most noteworthy criminal feats)



Guard Bio
(Note: Although they’re called “guards”, that’s not all they have to be. You could create a character with any job within the prison. They could be Police Officers, detectives, Lawyers, etc. Heck, you could even make a prison chef! Basically anything accept the warden. I call dibs on that.)

Position:(What job within the prison does your character hold?)







Oh, would you look at that? Another rp in our ambitious rpg universe that will most likely be forced into the storyline because why not.
Actually, screw that. I am a little hypocritical when I consider this entire universe junk just because TTV MB-verse (who according to the wiki is non-cannon) was horribad and because other people say so. I’ll try this myself.
I mean playing an rp is the least I can do to have the experience necessary to fix edit that wiki, right?

Prisoner character
Name: Thornrax
Alias: The Unknown One
Species: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Stamina, great speed, super-human strenght, Deadpool-like healing factor, the ability to suck the life essence out of a certain infividual by touching it. Everytime he eucks a souls his power increases with 16%.
Weapons: Stormbraker-like axe
Crime: Decimating entire colonies with his vampire-esque powers.
Appearance: About twice taller than the average human. He is covered in a black and gunmetal suit, eith a helmet with two horns. Nobody saw his face. If you would look at it through the helnet, you would only see a dark void with four yellow energy spheres. His voice is extremely deep, to the point that a lesser being would start crying and the regular man would feel chills in his body.
He has two clawed gauntlets. For a person that must touch a being to feed of its energy he seems pretty afraid to show his skin.
He has a black, long cape. And two iron boots. He is also pretty muscular and a hittle hunched.
Personality/Bio: Thornrax comes from a different universe. At least this is what he said. He just popped out of nowhere one day and decimating the entire population of the planet Sumrya, just to feed from their life essences. Luckily, Sumrya was going through a space colonization procedure and 20 million sumryans were able to escape on their partially terraformed moon.
Thornrax continued decimating planets from time to time, completely dissapearing in the meantime. Luckily, he was caught after a very long and blody battle that costed the geothermal stability of a planet.
Since he was caught five years ago he never abandoned his prison cell. He just stays on his bed in a corner and rarely talks. It said that his very first guardian lost her sanity when she stared into his four eyes for too much.

Guardian character
Name: Alyxandreon Thokomovici
Position: top police officer
Species: Sumryan
Power/abilities: great accuracy, intelect and combat skills, flight, stamina
Weapons: rifle, two pistols
Appearance: humanoid with light green skin and dragon wings. He also wears the standard dark blue police uniform.
Personality/Bio: He was just a child when Thornrax killed his planet, including his parents. Since then he trained constantly, wanting to avenge his species and to protect the rest of the universe by people like Thornrax. When he heard that he got imprisoned, he immediately signed for a job at the Whitegate, hoping that one day he will have the opportunity to kill him.

Hopefully this will be good.
Please be good.
Also, there is an actual penitenciary called Whitegate in Romania.

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Could you just specify what exactly you mean by thornax being able to suck someone’s life essence by touching them? Is it supposed to be an insta-kill, or does it have to take time to kill a victim?

Really? I didn’t know that. That’s cool.

Actually, it takes around two seconds.



Okay. I’ll allow it. But just know that certain “regulations” are going to be put in place. Not just for you but every other prisoner character in the RP.

I hope you don’t think at illogical limitations.
Like, if Thornrax touches somebody, the guy is dead, wheter or not he is important to the story.

Not regulations within the plot. The plan is that a prisoner’s abilities will be limited/weakened by devices at the beginning of the RP, but they will return to full strength toward the end.

Fair enough I guess.

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I guess I’ll release a few characters of my own.

Name: Jonathan Servastus

Alias: The Gamemaster

Species: Human, Cyborg

Powers/Abilities: None. But although he may not have any superpowers or supernatural abilities, that doesn’t mean he should be discounted. The Gamemaster possesses a wealth of intellect and talents in many practical and scientific fields, most taught to him by his mentor. He can create monsters, and also likes creating SAW-style traps for his victims.
He is also the master of illusions and lies, and tends to hide behind smoke and mirrors.
Additionally, The Gamemaster seems to have some sense of combat knowledge, and can fight fairly well in Hand-to-hand, going toe-to-toe with beings much more powerful than him.

Weapons: The Gamemaster has a robotic right arm, which can morph into a variety of tools and weapons including a laser gun and saw.
He is also skilled with wielding his cane(Built in with various different functions) as a staff.

Crimes: Oh you know, the usual: Robbery, Kidnapping, Murder, Terrorism on a universal scale, etc.


(Credit to Runa)

There is a lot to unpack with The Gamemaster’s backstory and past, so to save the trouble we’ll just run through the basic, significant points of his life.

As a child, Jonathan Servastus liked to play games. This hobby would go on to play a large factor in shaping his villainous persona.
One day, 50 years ago, Jonathan’s homeworld had been invaded and ambushed by Xir’algath forces. He sustained serious injuries in an explosion, with low chances of survival. However, Dr. Zed, his mentor, had found Jonathan close to death, and took him in. He gave him lifesaving surgery, including the attachment of a robotic arm and cybernetic implants. However, he would never be the same. Jonathan suddenly experienced an urge to be in control of every situation. Additionally, the nanotech used in healing his wounds had malfunctioned, and were now being concentrated in his brain where they rewired and tampered with his mind. All these factors, combined with the trauma of the explosion and surgery, drove Jonathan insane. He killed Dr. Zed in a psychotic episode, and adopted the villain identity of “The Gamemaster”.
The gamemaster went on to host various twisted game shows of his design, torturing the contestants for his own entertainment.
One day, his crimes would catch up to him with his newest game, “Arena Battle!”. After failing to kill the gane’s participants, The Gamemaster was run out of town and into hiding by them.
Afterwards, The Gamemaster schemed numerous other plans, all of which ended in defeat, and his eventual death at the hands of Mark Mcneil.
The Gamemaster was later revived by the Xir’algath to fight Mark and The Resistance, moreso as psychological warfare. He was then caught and arrested by The Council of Life, and has been in Whitegate ever since.

Name: Alistair Spencer

Alias: Plague Knight

Species: Human, Semi-Alien Hybrid, Undead, Cyborg

Gender: Cyborg

Plague Knight has access to powerful telekinetic and psionic abilities. He can remotely control and move multiple objects at a time, from anything as small as a pebble to as large as a semi-truck, though something this large would cause great mental strain. Plague Knight can also fire blasts of a psychically-generated Red Plasma from his fingertips.

Plague Knight has a mostly Cybernetic physiology, composed mainly of self-repairing nanomachines. Meaning, any damage that he sustains can be almost instantly repaired or reattached.

Due to a byproduct caused by “The Savager Serum” being used in his resurrection, Plague Knight has a Berserker form, in which he transforms into a large, crow-like beast.

As for natural skills and talents, Plague Knight has mastery over almost all fighting styles, and skillfully wields almost any blade or firearm, a result of his many years of training by the Plague Doctor society. However, his weapon of choice is most often a chemical one.
Speaking of which, Plague knight wais also well-read in the arts and sciences of Alchemy, Chemistry and Biology, among other things.

A dark cloud of mist resides underneath and around Plague Knight’s cloak. This is actually a swarm of hive-minded nanites, which he has a telepathic link to. He can detach some of the nanites from the swarm, and use it to shape small objects or weapons, though greater concentration is required for larger objects. The swarm can also propel him off the ground, creating the illusion of flight and levitation.

Crimes: Plague Knight is responsible for many atrocities. He is a notorious bioterrorist, cult leader and mercenary, having once nearly brought about a zombie apocalypse. More recently, he assembled nearly all of Earth’s villains together to form a team with the goal of conquering the planet. Plague Knight is also in league with the Xir’algath, giving him a farther-reaching influence.


Growing up in a war-torn, third world country, Alistair only knew war as a child. When soldiers of the opposing Militia invaded his home and slaughtered his family, Alistair fled, escaping the traumatizing, violent scene. Eventually, after running through the jungles for some time, Alistair had stumbled upon a temple, belonging to the Society of Plague Doctors, a cult of mercenaries. Taking pity on the boy, the Plague Doctors took him in, and trained Alistair to eventually become one of them. As a product of past experiences, and the teachings that he had received from the Plague Doctors, Alistair came to believe that mankind was a doomed race, full of sinners, and that the only path to salvation was to eliminate all those who sin, leaving only the pure to rule the new world.
One day, on one of his first missions as a Plague Doctor at a chemical plant, Alistair and his team were sabotaged by Christine Warren, a newly minted agent of the CIA. Alistair was caught in a chemical explosion and was believed dead by the public at large.
However, he had secretly survived, managing to cling to life just long enough for him to be found by the Plague Doctors. Despite their best efforts to revive him, Alistair eventually died, his body ravaged by disease and chemical infections.

But then, a mysterious figure came along, and they injected a mysterious black fluid into Alistair, bringing him back to life. After hours of operation and experimentation by the Plague Doctors, Alistair was somewhat rehabilitated, but he would never fully recover. A special suit had been constructed for him so his disabilities could be made more bearable, and he resumed his work as a Plague Doctor. Over time, he ascended the ranks all the way to the top, becoming the cult’s leader.
Alistair then began to enact his plan to “cleanse” mankind by summoning a powerful deity in their mythology: The Moon.
However, his plans were thwarted by a man named Detective Pierce and the heroes of the City of Heroes, and the Alistair was killed in combat with them after mutating into a horrific monster from the zombie mutagen that he released.

40 years later, Trevor Hartman, a Neo-Plague Doctor cultist, resurrected Alistair, who was more than ready to finish what he had started.
After the arrival of “The Prophesized One”, Plague Knight took it as a sign that the “Saviors”(The Xir’algath) would soon arrive to “cleanse” Earth. He assembled a team of the most powerful other villains and organizations to prepare Earth for the Xir’algath’s arrival. To this end the alliance mostly succeeded, but Plague Knight’s plan fell apart towards the end due to the intervention of Mark and Earth’s other heroes.
Seeing no other option, Plague Knight fled Earth with The Xir’algath just before its destruction, abandoning his cult.

Later, Plague Knight fought alongside The Gakemaster and other villains from Mark’s past for The Xir’algath, before he was arrested and imprisoned by The Council of Life. He now resides in Whitegate to this day…

Name: Nimrack

Alias: None

Species: Unknown (yet)

Powers/abilities: Shadow

Weapons: Poisonous shadow spear

Crimes: Leader of a villain organization, and invaded the multiverse alongside the Xir’algath.


Bio: Nimrack is the leader of a villanous organization named the League of Shadows, and had been fighting alongside the Xir’Algath, but has been finally captured. He is a treacherous and hungry for more power, never satisfied.

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Can Leonardo and Donatello join?

yeah, but i’m going to sign them up


Name: Anticrast
Species: Tranik
Powers: none
Weapons: Sword
Crimes: Murderer, attacked and robbed many places

Bio: Anticrast was the former leader of the Tranik civilization, who attacked and robbed many islands from their native planet. He is one of the oldest prisoners to be taken to Whitegate prison, and still lives in it. After so many years he has gone a little insane and acts crazily sometimes.

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Name: “That which unites”
Species: +REDACTED+
Solar assimilation
-Can alter light waves emitted by stars causing organic matter to fuse together into a red pulpy mess.This only works on a planet with “Day”. Covering your body so that light does not touch it will protect you.
360 vison
-self explanatory
Body of stars
-this beings body is incredibly hot, getting up to 5,500 degrees Celsius. interestingly this heat does not radiate out. still don’t touch it
Weapons: A twin pair of claws with atom thin bades
Crimes: Treason of the highest order
Appearance: Wait

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Accepted .

Name; Aqua
Position; detective, etc
Species; she’s a goddess as far as she says.
Powers; teleportation between worlds, seems to have the powers of a cartoon character, among many others she may or may not have.
Weapons; duel knives
Personality / bio; which personality? She’s more insane then most of the prisoners and will force herself Into situations she has no clue what’s happening. No one knows what’s true or false.

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Here is another character of mine:

Name: Archangel Donatello

Alias: The First Dark Lord

Species: Angel Knight

The First Dark Lord just may be the Multiverse’s most powerful Xalnergy wielder. He has nearly perfect control over the energy, and every cell in his body is empowered with it. That means he has access to every power of Xalnergy, even reality warping.

Weapons: None

Crimes: Same as That Which Unites, though on a much larger and extreme scale.


Long ago, Archangel Donatello was a highly trusted and highly regarded member of The Council of Life. He helped to inspire and lead many other angels.
Then, during the first war with the Xir’algath, Donatello and his forces were severely weakened by the Xir’algath’s relentless assault. Seeing no other option, Donatello dove right into the Chao Umbra, absorbing its raw power and empowering himself with Xalnergy in an attempt to become powerful enough to drive off the Xir’algath. Despite his good intentions, however, the Xalnergy corrupted his entire mind, body and soul, and Donatello turned evil. He then corrupted the Five Heavenly kings and turned them into demons. For these crimes, he Council of Life imprisoned Donatello in Whitegate. He remains one of the oldest and highest profile prisoners at Whitegate.

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