Escape from Whitegate (signups)

I’m fairly sure that any of id also contest the same title, seeing as they were also created at the beginning of the multiverse, which I’m fairly sure Angel Knights in this world were also created at multiverse’s creation.

If i were to ever get my RPG maker FES product finished it would make sense. He also doesn’t use alot of the kraata powers, ■■■■■■■■■■, or a shadow hand, because he feels it is immoral. and if you guys think thats to OP, i can give him either a Kualsi or Arthron instead.

Donatello is the earliest villain I created as a villain in this universe, I created him with McToran

He may’ve worked with ids…

I was talking about age though…Though by technicalities VE is technically earlier.

I must ask McToran about this!

VE comes from an RP about six months before MLm and not much was really changed about his origin or character, other than updating his powers.

Donatello was in prison during Majestic League! And the billions of years prior! He is one of Whitegate’s oldest prisoners!

I was meaning VE was created 6 months before ML existed IRL. Though age-wise their about the same. AS for being prisoners VE was not a prisoner though Swordbreaker is.


Yeah, Donatello was only created about a week or so ago

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sorry for any confusion

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Basically what Jcton said. IC-wise, Donatello would be the oldest, as in the first prisoner. IRL, Void Eater is older.

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Name: ███ █████ ██ █████
NAME: Swordbreaker
ALIAS: Shatter


Swordbreaker’s ability allows him to to shatter a substance that he touches. It’s how he travels universe to universe, by shattering the wall in-between them.


This ability allows Swordbreaker to age something in milliseconds, and speed up the decaying process even faster. It is limited to what he touches, though it was once said he took an oak tree and used his power and the oak tree’s life lasted three seconds.


This ability corrupts the material that he touches, causing metal to rust and stone to defect and crack. It is his weakest and strongest power dependent on his situation, as it can corrupt energies of a machine he touches causing them to go Haywire.


  • countless murders
  • causing an extinction of an unnamed species
  • destroying several planets…lo-ong story
  • also claims to be an ally of the Xiralgath

A black shadowy figure, with red glowing eyes. His body can be made out, but it appears as if it is made of shadows. He stands seven feet tall and is rather skinny for his height.

To be imprisoned for ██████████ years, █ days after The First Dark Lord was imprisoned, if he tries to escape execute him on spot. He has found no meaning in life and an id who sees no purpose except to destroy, must be banished from all realms, imprisoned for all eternity.


Okay, a few more prisoners.

Name: Sheldon

Alias: Savager

Species: Human, mutant

Powers/Abilities: Savager has Super-Strength, and can regenerate and heal himself, no matter how damaging the wound. However, if Savager sustains a significant amount of damage, he will mutate into a more monstrous form. To suspress and prevent these mutations, Savager wears a special containment suit.

Weapons: Two-pronged blades can extend from the backs of Savager’s wrists, similar to wolverine’s adamantium claws.
Crimes: mass-anarchy, laying waste to nearly an entire city, and killing a fugitive of Ironbolt before they could be properly arrested.


Personality/Bio: Sheldon was a brutal, relentless mercenary working for the U.S. Government. Christine Warren, Director of the CIA, employed Sheldon to capture and kill a “fugitive” named Mark McNeil. However, he hilariously failed as Mark turned into a monster and rekt him.
Mortally wounded, Sheldon was on the brink of death. Christine, however, saved him by synthesizing a super-soldier serum from Mark’s DNA and injecting him with it. Sheldon was saved, however it came with side-effects: he soon mutated into a monster himself, growing to an enormous height. Sheldon insisted that he then be called “Savager”, liking his newfound life.
After soon going rogue and nearly destroying the city, Savager was killed by Mark. However, he was ressurected along with The Gamemaster by the Xir’algath to fight Mark once more. He was then defeated, and imprisoned in Whitegate.

Name: Archangel Michael

Gender: Male

Species: Angel Knight

Position: Warden and overseer of Whitegate

Michael posesses incredible strength, matching superhuman levels. He is in fact the strongest of all the angel knights, and the most powerful.
His blue flame helps to rid beings of fear.
Like all Angels, he wields Primordial energy, which he has the most command of out of all the other angel knights.
Michael also has an incredible knack for fixing electrical and mechanical devices, including computers and Vehicles.
Not to mention his leadership qualities, which could keep even the most dysfunctional of teams together.


Michael carries a flaming sword, named Lightbringer. Forged from the highest grade of Angelic Steel, the sword blazes with pure Primordial energy. He uses the blade to cut through practically anything, even etheric cords.


The second Angel to ever be created in The Multiverse, Michael is the leader of all the Archangels (their Bios will soon be released too), and the entire Council of Life. He is second in power only to The Grand Seraphim.
Since the beginning, Michael had ruled and protected the multiverse alongside The Xir’algath, and formed a close brotherly bond with Taghiat Quasia, the second-in-command of the Xir’algath. Michael was also especially close with his fellow high archangels.
One day, when Taghiat and The Xir’algath betrayed them, Michael was the least willing to fight them. But seeing no other choice, he did so anyways. He, along with the five other archangels, created the Sacred Seal with which to banish the Xir’algath.
From time to time, Michael would walk the Earth as a mortal, going under the guise of “Saint Michael”.
Michael is the Warden, and constructer of Whiyegate Fortress. He takes his job very seriously, and he is also assisted from time to time by the other High Archangels.
Michael’s core qualities and traits include protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity. He is very generous, and has helped many beings. He will do anything to protect what he loves and do what’s right.

Alright, here is a new character that I’m introducing soon:

Name: Unknown

Alias: Charbydis, The Watcher

Species: Human, astral form

Powers/abilities Omnivision, Omniscience, Intangibility and Invisibility. The latter does have specifications, however. Charbydis is invisible and imperceptible to most mortal beings, so most prisoners and guards would not be aware of his presence. However, Multiversal and cosmic entities such as The id, The Council of Life, the Xir’algath, etc Are capable of perceiving him. Though they cannot hear his words.

Weapons: None

Crimes: Theft of Ironbolt Technology, inciting mass anarchy, and conspiring with Plague Knight and, by proxy, The Xir’algath.


Personality/Bio: Little is known about the once-mortal man who would become the terrorist Charbydis. He may have been some type of a marine scientist or archeologist at one point. One day, on an expedition in Italy’s waters, the man discovered a discarded, long-neglected Plaster-Class Chassis suit originally belonging to Ironbolt Penitentiary. How it ended up where it did remains unknown.
Taking the suit for himself, the man restored and remodeled it, upgrading and altering its original design to fit his normal human body.
Then, the man had a brilliant idea: he would use this suit and its weapons to embark on a criminal career, which would pay a higher profit than his current job.
Because the upgraded suit would create whirlpools in water as an omen of his arrival, the man took to calling his new persona “Charbydis”.
Charbydis was a mildly successful terrorist, managing to evade capture and identification.
One day, Charbydis approached Plague Knight with a proposition to join his new alliance. Plague knight agreed to allow him in, and he was successful in his given tasks.
When the Xir’algath suddrnly invaded Earth, Charbydis found himself in over his head. He decided to invite anarchy and rampage through the city, taking advantage of the chaos. However, he soon discovered that he might die with theEarth if the Xir’algath succeeded in their invasion.
That was when the mysterious voice appeared in Charbydis’ mind. It approached him with an offer: If he were to surrender his suit, then he would be allowed to “survive” the Xir’algath’s invasion and its ramifications. Seeing no other option, Charbydis complied. However, he soon found that the deal had come at a cost, when his soul and Astral form was ripped out of his body. The voice told him that “surviving is not the same as living”, and then abandoned him.
On his new form, Charbydis found that he was given new abilities: he could view all events occurring throughout the Multiverse simultaneously. However, this sight soon became more of a curse to hin, as Charbydis witnessed horrific nightmares and terrifying events occurring throughout time and space. This slowly drove him insane, as well as the fact that nobody could see or hear him. Charbydis was stuck alone, floating aimlessly in space as he was forced to witness the horrors of The Multiverse endlessly. However, he soon might be discovered once more…

Guard Sheet

Name: Watcher

Position: Scientist, Librarian, Researcher, and Interrogator

Species: Neo-Celestial, a Celestial species from an alternate universe from the 2059 universe, these Celestials are ones who created a new technology by synthesizing Ignotium Energy and using Primordial Energy together to boost their mechanical bodies, creating an unworldly power that lets them cross over dimensions with ease, though using such powers drain their lifeforce with incredible vigor, leaving them after a battle drained and unable to fight again, because of that they hardly use their abilities and are a more watchful species, watching the universe, in case of a cataclysmic event. Unlike other Celestials, the Neo-Celestials never created a language, instead they learned the ability to speak many languages and to learn several within a time of a week.

Watcher has the ability to manipulate energies, and convert them into another. A very powerful ability that lets him turn the kinetic energy of a thrown fist to be immediately converted thermal energy, leaving most inmates with a fist that can’t move and a burned hand, if they continue to use the kinetic energy. He can only do this with targets he sees or touches. He can also manipulate energies and redirect them, if needed, thus allowing him to redirect any thermal energy he converted to another location, perhaps a foot. However he cannot redirect or convert Xalnergy, nor can he convert energy into Xalnergy.

Weapons: Watcher doesn’t carry any weapons, as he sees it as a security risk.

Appearance: Unlike other Celestials, Watcher has a very organic design with his metal body built in a way that it mirrors most humanoids in existence, though it still retains the metal shine that most Celestials have. He is a crimson red and has highlights of a brilliant yellow as his secondary color. You can still many mechanical parts, placed in a fashion similar to that of a humanoid robot.

Bio: Watcher is simply here to serve his duty to his people. This is a dangerous place housing many criminals, and so his kind sent him and one other to keep watch over the happenings here.

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Accepted. Join anytime.

Here are the rest of the High Archangels.

Name: Archangel Auriel

Gender: Female

Species: Angel Knight

Auriel possesses the Wisdom of the Angels, the scientific knowledge of almost all things in The Multiverse, giving her a genius-level intellect.


Al’maiesh, the Cord of Hope, is the chosen weapon of Auriel. The cord is said to be a manifestation of her positive qualities. Pulsing with glowing runes from end to end, the long, serpentine ribbon can heal and energize those it touches. Auriel often drapes the cord around her fellow archangels during their more heated and stressful discussions, granting them clarity of thought and emotion.

In battle, the cord can be used as a whip, burning Auriel’s enemies with the rightous fire of Primordial Energy. It can also be used to bind enemies, and leave chains in its place after being retracted.

Auriel is said to be the most lighthearted member of the Council of Life. It is through her that hope flows through the Multiverse, and her eternal light illuminates even the darkest of souls.
She believes in the potential for good in all things, including the hearts of all sentient beings. Seeking harmony in all things, she is a mediator and counselor. However, Auriel is not a pacifist, and she does not shy away from strife, for she recognises that conflict is the nature of the Multiverse. Thus, when necessary, she serves as a warrior as well.

Auriel places great value on virtues such as love and compassion. In her mind, these are things to be valued in both war and peace. She rarely speaks in short sentences, but the impact of her words is greater when she does so. She lets out a warm and soothing glow.
Auriel was one of the most devastated by the Xir’algath’s betrayal, an act that led her to nearly question her compassion. Nonetheless, she hopes that the Xir’algath can one day make peace.

Name: Archangel Gabriel

Gender: Female

Species: Angel Knight

Gabriel possesses the powers of all known Lightning, and can channel lightning into things and use them as weapons.
Gabriel also has incredible foresight, and her prophetic visions are almost always accurate.

Spear of Lightning:
Gabriel wields a spear that can conduct and direct all forms of energy and electricity.


Second to Michael, she is the third most powerful of all the angels. Gabriel is known to have delivered visions to mortals in the past, almost all of which come true. Admittedly, Gabriel has secretly harbored a crush for Michael, having knowed him the longest.

Name: Archangel Nathaniel

Gender: Male

Species: Angel Knight

Nathaniel is empowered with immense courage. He can do anything without feeling fear, angst and so on, while he also has been granted a strong body able to withstand blasts that would normally kill an ordinary human being. Ehile he has optimism and can always see the hope within the darkest hour.

The Heart of Fire:
The center of Nathaniel’s chest is marked with an ornate metal seal. It can blast a powerful beam of light at opponents.

Nathaniel is the bravest of the angels, and fears almost nothing, not even the Xir’algath.

Name: Archangel Uriel

Gender: male

Species: Angel Knight

Uriel is able to run 100 km per hour and fly at high speeds along side fast reflexes and agility.

The heels of Hermes:
Uriel wears winged shoes that help to amplify and hone his speed. When he runs, bolts of energy are generated from his body.

Uriel has always tried to the forests, and that is a competition he has never lost to this day.

Name: Archangel Sabrael

Gender: Male

Species: Angel Knight

Sabrael has the ability to use any of the Mystical Arts and Magic, Sabrael has near-immunity to magic-based attacks as well.

The book of Thaal:
This spellbook contains every known magical spell and ritual in the multiverse. It from this book which Sabrael references to conjure magical attacks.

Sabrael is the most quiet and secretive of the angels, rarely uttering a word other than to cast a spell.

Name: Akem

Species: the Offspring (Krito fer)
Anyone who knows the name of the Offspring all know one thing, that they are a small nomadic species in the universe. Strangely, the same thing is known about them in every universe…

.-. . -… .- -.-. - . -…

Akem looks like a robot janitor, to specify his appearance is exactly like one. Though the lights shine a brighter yellow than the blue they used to glow as.

A simple cleaning droid that recently got sentience…

Accepted. Join anytime.