Escape from Whitegate (signups)

Name: Johnathan Syd
Alias: Prisoner 438942
Species: Human
Powers/abilities: can become project ultimate
Weapons: gun, knife, super suit
Crimes: mass murder, terrorism, attempted to destroy a city
Appearance: old and muscular
The infinite empire’s test of a mark clone, John is evil and very dangerous

Accepted. Join anytime.

Name: Raksha
Alias: None
Species: Unknown, same as Thornrax
Powers/Abilities: a weaker set identical to Thornrax’s. In addition, she is immune to any sort of telepathic attacks, and she is able to create illusions of her adversary’s biggest fear. She also still has the ability to suck the life essence out of any being she touches.
Weapons: Scythe.
Crime: She was never saw in any known universe so far. As such she can’t be accused of any crime.
Appearance: She wears scarlet clothes with gunmetal accents. She has a cape with a hoodie that completely covers her eyes, having a dark void instead of face, just like Thornrax. Her four energy spheres-like eyes are red. She has very long gloves and boots, and a gunmetal belt made out of iron.
Personality/Bio: Unknown. She is Thornrax’s sister.

Name: Dez
Alias: None
Species: Same as Thornrax and Raksha
Powers/Abilities: Same as Thornrax, in adition to a much weaker life-sucking ability and a much more powerful strength (think at the Hulk).
Weapons: Two hammer linked together by a chain at the end of their handles.
Crime: Same as Raksha
Appearance: Imagine Cull Obsidian, but with a huge, black armour on him, and with a helmet with a small furnace door as a faceplate. No eyes are visible through the bars of the door.
Personality/Bio: Unknown. He seems to be Raksha’s angry henchman.

Accepted. Join anytime.

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making this because bleh

Name: “The sable warrior”

Position: Guest

Species: Angel


-Dividing rapier (can be used to split apart things that fuse together)
-Seeking flail (a flail with a seemingly infinite chain that can seek out opponents based on a factor that can be set)
-nausea blade (an arming sword that partially evicts somethings soul from it’s body causing extreme discomfort and nausea)
-Incorporeal axe (it can cut. ghosts gases and other such things)


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Accepted. Join anytime.


Can you still sign up for this Rp? If so I would like to sign up Tarkur as a character and if it’s okay with you he wouldn’t be a guard nor prisoner but an outsider. Can post his sign up sheet once I knew whether I can join or not.

Sign-ups are always open.

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Name: Haaki Shomfka
Alias: Second Emperor of the United empires
Species: Immortal
Powers/abilities: Can live for a very long time, second in command of the largest empire in the universe
Weapons: An entire empire, a rideable hound and an entire arsenal of weapons
Crimes: Attempted to take over the universe, mass murder, attack on innocent planets, sexual assault

Haaki made many attempts to take over the galaxy, when Earth was invaded by the Xir’algath, he at first wanted to take earth for himself but instead he made a deal with Taghiat Quasai to sell out Zalas Quobb and unite 40 empires across the multiverse, how Taghiat betrayed Haaki and locked him up once the empires were united, however when Taghiat was defeated, Haaki led the remaining empires for a while, conquering planet, enslaving children, taking the women and killing the men, unfortunately, he fought Leonardo which didn’t go well for the warrior

Accepted. Join anytime.


Name: Tarkur
Title: Flames Guardian(Former), Reignited Spark(current), Planeswalker(current)
Species: Weird
Except for being able to use the elements his body is made up of so is Tarkur able to use blue and red magic. Tarkur have 9 spells he can use but he can only use them 4 times each a day. The spells also requires mana to cast which is a resours he generates through a planes land.
Tarkur’s spells are the following:
Instant’s and sorceries(these are you typical spells that doesn’t last more than one turn)

  • Expansion/Explosion: costs: either 2 blue/red hybrid mana or x any type of mana, 2 blue and 2 red mana, depending on which spell you cast.
    Expansion: lets him copy another spell he has cast this turn and change its target.
    Explosion: creates a large explosion where the value x is the power of that explosion.
  • Stitch in time costs: 1 of any mana, 1 blue and 1 red mana: A powerful spell that might let you jump a few seconds into the future
  • Disallow costs: 1 of any mana and 2 blue mana
  • Shock costs: 1 red mana: Gives a target an electrical shock
  • Lightning Strike costs: 1 of any mana and 1 red mana: sends a Lightning towards a target.
    Enchantments(Things that stick around until it gets destroyed or is removed by Tarkur)
  • Curators Ward cost: 2 of any mana and 2 blue mana: This enchantment enchants a Creature or enchantment and gives the target Hexproof, which protects it from all spells or abilities.
  • Capture sphere costs: 3 any mana and 1 blue: Capture sphere creates a magical sphere around a target and captures them.
    Creatures(they are basically minions Tarkur can summon)
  • Spellgorger weird costs: 2 any mana and 1 red mana: Everytime Tarkur casts a noncreatire spell this creature gets stronger. Creature type: Weird
  • Goblin Electromancer costs: 1 blue and 1 red mana: This Goblin reduces the costs of Tarkur’s Instant and Sorceries. Creature type Goblin
  • Omnispell adept costs: 4 of any mana and 1 blue mana: omnispell adept may pay three mana each time Tarkur attacks if he does he gets to cast one of Tarkur’s spells for free. Creature type Human Wizard

Weapons: Tarkur has no weapons.

Apperance: Tarkur is a fire and lightning elemental who looked like this once:

Tarkur is what is called a weird a mixture of two opposing elements created in the Izzet League, thou Tarkur is a weird created from two similar Elements. Due to an attempt at sacrificing himself two safe others from the Gamemasters terror in Arena Battle! He have since had too replace pieces of him with metal to keep his body intact.

Personality: Tarkur is a quirky hothead, that has a curiosity and entusiasm for science, he is a noble person who sticks to the rules but doesn’t mind breaking them if science is evolved.

Bio: Tarkur is from the plane of Ravnica which is a grandiose city stretching the entire plane. The city is devided in ten guilds that does different things to keep the balance in the city. Tarkur was born and raised in the Izzit guild whom focuses on crazy inventions and wild experiments among which is creating elementals of two opposite elements. Tarkur on the other hand was an experiment gone wrong fusing two similar elements into the same elemental. He has the element of lightning and fire flowing through him. Because of abuse and being forced to work as a test dummy he eventually broke free from his captivity but in his rage killed his creator, who was the one Tarkur hold closest to his heart. The experience was so traumatic the elementals Planeswalker spark ignited and he was flinged through the multiverse. He arrived on the plane of Dominaria where he learned to use blue and red magic at the Tolarian academy for magicians. Therefore he has learned and mastered its arts.
In Arena Battle! Tarkur was one of the original attenders for the competition and the one too reveal the Gamemasters true intent. After a long and hard battle Tarkur sacrificed himself to save his friends but little did he knew that he would have survived an attack he for sure thought would kill him. He then found himself in White gate after several attempts of planeswalking who all had thrown him of onto the wrong plane. Now his here to figure out why he stumbled upon this place.

Probably my longest character sheet yet but eh I had fun making it.

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Name: X45
Gender: Male
Weapons: a selection of many weapons and tools that can be pulled out at any moment
Mission: rescue Nimrack
Species: Unknown

Bio: X45 is a member of the LOS and an unknown being, which was almost entirely replaced with mechanical parts. X45 can hold many tools and weapons within his body, allowing him to pass with illegal things. He is usually very agressive, but can pretend to be a normal robot.


Accepted. Join anytime.

Name: Abraham
Position: Visits
Species: Archangel
Powers/abilities: The strongest angel after Michelangelo, he is extremely loyal, and he would die for the angels, at 30 feet tall he’s the largest archangel by far
Weapons: He mostly uses his fists but due to the immense loyalty he shows, he is sometimes able to call other angels in to assist, he has a massive hammer bigger than him and even a planet sized hammer, a gift from Leonardo

Abraham is extremely loyal to the archangels especially Leonardo, he’s brave and strong willed

Name: Evangellos
Position: Visits
Species: Archangel
Powers/abilities: She’s a talented magician, even having some knowledge of the dark arts! She also is extremely intelligent
Weapons: The book of spells, it is her greatest weapon, she also has a staff of magic

Evangellos is young and very jumpy, she rushes things but is very intelligent and magical

Accepted. Join anytime.

Name: Mark-0
Alias: John
Species: Human-infinite
Powers/abilities: can turn into a weaker version of project ultimate, water breath, fire breath, flight
A stick
A gun
Crimes: Mass murder, attempt to destroy a city

Years of reject have turned John nuts, he helped infinites and Xir’algath before being beaten

Didn’t you already sign this up?

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Name Zaktra.

Gender: Male

Species: Electric Elemental, Planeswalker.

Powers/Abilities: Zaktra has the powers of electricity manipulation. Like Tarkur, he can also travel to any universe in The Multiverse.


(Picture only)
Zaktra is in a sense @Tarkur’s son. He was formed from the discarded essence of Tarkur when Archangel Michael’s rejected it. He is now wandering Whitegate, searching for his “father”.