Everything We Know About Bionicle 2015: Part One

Everything We Know About Bionicle 2015: Part One

We’ve reached a bit of a lull period, so I’m going to type out what we know about Bionicle 2015 very quickly. We got a lot of information, from the new location to the reboot clarification to a hint directed at the Kanohi Vahi (the Mask of Time).

All this information came from official Lego sources, Lego employees and people directly overseeing the franchise. They were all very gracious and very enthusiastic about the line. This is only what we have as of 4pm EST. We will make a new article if any new things are released come the VIP Event tonight.

(Note: 2001-2010 is nicknamed by us as the Mataverse, we’re also calling the new line the Nuvaverse. Not official names, just for better references).


  • It’s a reboot, but a soft reboot
  • The story revolves around two Maskmakers, Ekimu and Makuta, who wear the Mask of Creation and the Mask of Control, respectively. Makuta decided to create the Mask of Ultimate Power, a Mask that controlled all of the elements, but in doing so cast him and his brother into a deep slumber.
  • Okoto is a new island that is reminiscent of Mata Nui but has mountain barriers that separate the element locations.
  • The “Protectors” are the main villagers of Okoto. However, the set Protectors are the elders of the villiage.
  • There are no Matoran or Turaga on Okoto.

  • The original Toa awaken without any memory and have forgotten that they are heroes.
  • The reboot was compared to the “Star Trek movies” reboot, where there is a connection to the old universe.
  • There is a Temple of Time on Okoto.
  • There are hints that the original Kanohi Vahi from the Mataverse is only half a mask. More hints were also given towards it being involved with time travel. It could possibly leave the original universe open to continuation and the other half being formed in the Nuvaverse.
  • Specialized terms have been dropped. Certain things have been dropped, certain things have been retained (such as Toa).
  • Bionicle will have several minute long animations that will be released on the website. They are 2D flash animations that were significantly inspired and based on the Mata Nui Online Game. They also bear a slight similarity to the Mixel animations.
  • The story will mostly be told in books in the later half of 2015. They are currently looking at writers (emphasis on the plural) for it. Comics/other media were not mentioned.
  • Masks are connected from the sides of the head. The new heads also have faces and noses. The masks are firmly attached but can be knocked off.
  • Sets are all made with alternate “modes” for the weapons. The designers called this “Adrenaline Mode”.
  • It is planned for a three-year storyline, but that’s general Lego planning. There’s a good possibility that it might continue beyond that, but information isn’t freely given out.

Here’s what we theorize (gleaned from these answers, not official in the slightest):

  • Time Trap was also mentioned when discussing the Kanohi Vahi. There is probably some link between the Temple of Time and the second half of the Kanohi Vahi…possibly. Also Krakua?
  • There are no Kanohi powers mentioned in the bios, and the video mentions that Masks can only hold one element (and that the Mask of Ultimate Control was made to control them all). We think that means that Kanohi powers are not in the Nuvaverse and that the Toa use them to “master” their element.
  • We mentioned Mata Nui; we were given an acknowledgement but no further information on him in the Nuvaverse.
  • When asked about the Kanohi, we were told that there is something that the Golden Masks give the Toa that they need in order to win. That was the extent of it.

So there you have it. We’ll give you more when we get it. Until then, stay tuned! Follow @thethreevirtues, @illustriousvar and @thejonathanjuan for immediate live tweeting and story bites!

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All I have to say about BIONICLE Gen II:


Do we know an exact release date for the sets? I understand the January is the official release, but in past years, sets for the next year were always in stores before Christmas. Will that be this case here?

I believe we are getting sets in January.

Lego even said so. (Facebook post)


Awww, thats really to bad because I was hoping to get some of the new sets for Christmas frowning

To be frank, that doesn't sound like a great marketing strategy. They could have a really huge number of sales before Christmas from parents buying them as gifts for their children. They are missing out on that by releasing in January,

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I see what you're saying, but look at it this way.

I am a HUGE fan of the Lego Movie.

And for Christmas, my brother and I wanna get: The Construct-o-mech; the Super Secret Police Ship; and Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!!!

And if Bionicle were to come out before Christmas, everyone who has already planned on getting stuff like this would be pressured in their Purchase decisions.

With BIONICLE coming out in Janurary, people will have time to collect the sets for the rest of the year.

Besides, my birthday is in Feburary and I plan to get the sets then, at a Lego Store. smile

A reboot possibly linked to the Mataverse? Interesting.


Yea, that is a good point.

We will just have to wait until the new year!

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Oh my goodness, if Lego can pull off this alternate-universe thing...

I WILL CRY (and quite possibly die)

I am really looking forward to an alternate universe. I assumed that if they were to do this, it would involve the Olmak, but I guess the Vahi is only half of a new mask of time travel.

Sorry for the rambling, this all is just so exciting.


I find this soft-reboot better than I could hope. This gives so many possibilities!


Maybe the Golden Kanohi give them their mask powers...?

EDIT: By mask powers I meant traditional mask powers.


About the mask powers: when the video discussed the masks made by Ekimu and Makuta as holding one element, they had only shown Defender masks. So perhaps it's the Defender masks that feature elemental powers. The masks of Creation, Control, and Ultimate Power all are uniquely shaped and have their own powers. The Toa's masks are uniquely shaped as well, and seem to be the only ones of their kind (besides the gold masks), so it's possible the Toa retain their 2001 mask powers right away. We will see.


Oh, good point.

Maybe change the name of the topic? Its a little misleading

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Words cannot describe how much I hope this to be the case.

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Honestly I do not mind the change up all to much, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna fear it goes sour. But I'm not a Geewunner or what people sometimes say, I can even except the new builds, heck I even build the gear system. (Future video on that soon.) Anyways, I don't mind the lore change, and as they said, it is just like Transformers, different alliterations happen. I just hope the plot gets a little more twisted as time goes on.

Also, I'm jealous you guys got a first hand look at the figures themselves. Wish I was there.


so heres a theory I came up with regarding the half the vahi
what if this "alternate universe" or something like that is a half of the original mataverse
the new toa are purely elememental beings with no mask powers, (I feel like this is shown with the trans bones) while the other toa, the mataverse toa have more personality, mask powers etc
its probably wrong, but thats a theory

Lot of theories about this :3

"When asked about the Kanohi, we were told that there is something that the Golden Masks give the Toa that they need in order to win. That was the extent of it."

The Toa have lost their mask powers and elemental powers, they can still vaguely manipulate the elements and use elemental based weaponry however its abilities are limited. They need to get to the 'Golden Masks' in order to gain their elemental powers which will be used to defeat Makuta (Who will likely gain the 'Mask Of Ultimate Power'

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Interesting.. If the Vahi is involved, we could be dealing with a time paradox, possibly leading to this, "connected reboot."

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  • Soft Reboot
    -No links to the Mataverse
    So, doesn't that make it a hard reboot, or is my definition of Reboot skewed?
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