Exotic fruit

I love exotic fruit. I seriously think of it every day. I have eaten Jackfruit, Dragonfruit, and the liquid forms of Papaya and Guava. I live and breath exotic fruit. Loquat, Ackee, Medlar, African Horned Cucumber, Rambutan, Miracle Fruit, Breadfruit, Hala Tree Fruit, Mangosteen, Durian, all of these wonderful things. Have you had any exotic fruit experiences?


since i live in nothern europe most fruits like bananas, oranges and lemons are quite exotic.


I like eating pomegranates there kinda exotic in australia i guess and i dont even think there are any Mangosteens in australia that i know off i kinda want one though… had a dragon fruit once… it wasn’t that great tasted like water.

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Kiwis are about as exotic as I get…


If pomegranates are cosidered exotic, then I’ve had them for most of my life. Even though you only eat the seeds, which is stupid.


Anyone here ever have a star fruit?

The only thing that comes to mind is the time that I straight up ate a sugar cane, but that’s not exactly a fruit per se.

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Not really. I’ve always wanted to try stuff like that, I just haven’t had the chance to.

Lychee is an awesome fruit.

Anyone who disagrees will have to answer to the Lychee Lynch Legion.

Star fruit is my jam.
even if I have only had it, like once.

There also used to be a huge Loquat tree at the house where I used to live…

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i have to agree with that xD

i’ve eaten a raw green bean before

that’s about as exotic as i’ve gotten
unless pineapple counts


Dragonfruit seemed like it would be cool.

I tried it.

It’s like if you took away all the colour and flavour from a kiwi.


Dragonfruit is the best, along with Churchberry.

I too, think about exotic fruits fairly often. Not everyday, but probably more often the average person. I just really want to know what they taste like…

I’ve had guava and soursop (and some other things) a few times when visiting my extended family. Guava’s pretty solid. Soursop has a good flavor, but is kind of hard to eat.

I also had a dragon fruit (white inside) for the first time about a year ago. It was pretty much a kiwi, but with literally zero flavor (Maybe the store bought ones aren’t as good) It wasn’t bad, though, especially when I ate it with greek yogurt, honey, and other fruits.

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my gosh what a necropost

Eljay existing has made me curious about mangosteen but the most exotic I’ve gotten is juicy juice


Well considering this just got necro’d, think I’ll pop in

Dragon Fruit is like sooooo good

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Dang people visiting my old topics? I don’t know whether I should be honored or embarrassed.


Embarrassed that @Atobe_Brick did not use the RRR Patented Resurrection rhyme

I’m thinking about trying mangosteen but the fact that it looks like a deformed white Orange on the inside has me concerned.

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Mangosteen straight up slaps I’d definitely try it