Exx's Appreciation Topic

I've recently been to Sweden and I can say for a fact that Scandinavian birds are really really friendly and nice compared to birds in other places no joke.


I thought Exx was from Norway.

Yes, but i mention Scandinavian birds in general, I was right next to Norway.

Back on topic, exx is an inspiration for my """"""""""""art"""""""""""". Thank, Ex.

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I know that's a wheat field...
But still, this is all I could think of when I saw this picture.

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Hail Norway


Since this is the place that people ask Exx questions.

I think you are pretty dope Exx, and I would be honoured if you would accept this turtle.

Will you?

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Ex's voice is gold.


Do you listen to Muse? Twenty One Pilots? Jamiroquai?

Why haven't you renamed this topic "Exx's AMA"?

Excited for Suicide Squad?

exx is now my second favorite member of ttv

all hail


@exxtrooper When's your face reveal?

I accept this turtle as a sign of something something.

You are a generous man, you will be provided a suitable mate and housing when i conquerer this land.

Twenty one pilots is dank, suicide was aight the first half then it was like nah man.

That makes your voice platinum, or diamond or something idk.

I like corn. This photo is accurate.

I am from earth.

In the next video call ttv podcast thingy if they let me.

Why is this always left unanswered?


Uhhhh, 99% sure that's wheat tho... :stuck_out_tongue:


And I'm 99% sure that some European countries use the word "corn" in reference to other grains, and use the word "maize" (or a variation of it) in reference to the American corn.

or maybe exx just isn't the horticulturist i thought he was

@exxtrooper, can you confirm or deny this?


Cause he didn't make it I did and Its technically not an AMA he is just using it like one.

Well, isn't he a cast member and therefore can rename a topic?

And if he's using a non-AMA topic like an AMA, couldn't that count as off topic discussion?

Can you tell me a sock joke please?

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Have you and your girlfriend bought the Disney Castle yet?

Will you review it?

You know sometimes.

Sometimes it just feels, like we dont speak the same language? You know?

Thats pretty much 100% true and you said it better than i ever would.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing though.

I specifically told them I shouldnt be given any higher-up privileges on the message boards as I'd go mad with power.

What did the hat say to the sock? “I’ll go on ahead, you go on foot”.

We have not bought it as its currently out of our reach as very limited amount of online stores ship to Norway and those who do pretty much double the price.

Just wish a lego brand store opened around here some time.


my cultural agricultural knowledge comes in handy for once

exx, how are you today?

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