Fake parts

So yeah I didn’t make these (I can’t tell if they’re 3D printed or bootleg, might be a mix, differing opinions have been shown) but I did find them in bags of Bionicle parts!
To put it simply my luck is absolute crap and also amazing at the same time, why is because I always find amazing pieces such as these or almost full semi-expensive sets but I never find the exact peices I’m looking for at the time.

Ok so this one came from a $10 bag of parts which also had all of an exo toa in it too!

This one is more recent from 3 bags of parts I got from value village, which was awesome becuase I haven’t found any there in forever! There were also a lot of other parts and I was inspired to make another moc (who I’ll be putting up soon, only hint is its one of my few female ones and she’s awesome looking!)


explain this concept to me.

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XD how did I not notice that? It was supposed to say exo toa but it auto corrected.

I go to value village too on a regular basis! It’s like gambling; you never know when you could get lucky or unlucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Ja that’s true! I once found pewku and takua (who was missing a leg) in the box with instructions but prebuilt.

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Whoa! That’s a great find! How much was it? The only thing that I found which comes close to that is a decapitated and declawed Kikanalo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Think it was about 20/30 really cheap because the package was open so it was awesome! I’ve also found an entire exo toa (albeit dismantled) who was in the bag where I got my first custom pieces… There was also a toa mahri Kongu.

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I don’t get how they’re fake parts.

They’re all 3D printed parts, they all have differences to normal parts and are a touch weaker but they’re awesome too!

could you list them?

they honestly look the same.


these are bootlegs, you can tell because of the texture they have and how cheap they look

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Ja but they’re not bootleg I’m pretty sure they’re 3D printed, match up with the texture and such.

Have you looked for the Lego logo? I think every Lego piece has one. Also I think 3D printing might be messier than a bootleg.

List them? How exactly? I just put up pics of all the fake parts I’ve gotten so far.

@ReeseEH Yeah none of them have any and they also are pretty messy so that’s why I think they’re 3D printed.

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OK, it’s just hard to tell from the pictures. I guess you have them in-hand, so you can actually feel them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah along with some of the peices are visibly different/shoddier also those rhotuka spinners don’t come in those colours (except the silver ones)

That makes me lean more towards crappy quality bootlegs rather than 3d printing.
In fact pretty much everything you’ve described leans more to crap bootlegs.
They certainly don’t look 3d printed to me.


Most of them actually match up perfectly with other peices with just a few differences, spthe rahkshi heads are a touch thinner, the grey Bohrok arms have a mild angle difference for the axle socket and the rhotuka spinners have more circular connection holes. So maybe some of them are knockoffs but I’m pretty sure a couple of them are 3D printed going off of quality.

3d printed parts
from a thrift store

you kidding me?

Im 100% sure none of them are 3D printed, none of them have the texture it has when it comes from a printer