Famine (V1)

OHMYGOD WHYYY MUST TITLES BE 7 CHARACTERS. So I had to stick the ugly (V1) there uuugh
Here comes the irony.
Wanted to make a MOC using one of the SW planets as the main torso piece. This was the result.

Yaaay. My first “fat” MOC and her name ends up being Famine :laughing:

“Famine” Is one of Lady Voids four generals in her court, that aid in governing the Empire. Famine herself was the first of the four generals recruited, and is in charge of Law, Order, and Government in their society. She also determines what type of Aeonyx need to be made, which ones need to be destroyed, and which ones to assign to where. Her giant wheel not only acts as a shield, but a blunt weapon. She will spin the wheel above her shoulder, allowing it to gather energy from the momentum, and then slam it into any opponent at full force.


Slideshow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnfjAcNpnyk&feature=youtu.be
Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129625792@N08/albums/72157673108373965



Cool MOC. I think it’s the first time ever I have seen a female MOC with proportions like these. And the first time I have seen a MOC using the small SW planet as the main body.
She is very original, and I like her backstory.

BTW is the planet in her body the one she swallowed?


this design is so cool and goes against all body norms for female MOCS what is god damb awesome :slight_smile:


Beautifully creative use of pieces here!

I also love how these parts fit


This is such a creative MOC! I love the way you utilized the Star Wars planet for her torso and how well implemented it is. The weapon, too, is quite nice.


Very original. Normally I only ever see famine done as a skeletal type of thing. I always appreciate solid, powerful looking MOCs.
The connection between the planet and the legs looks a bit dodgy, but I’m not sure if that was even avoidable.
If she’s an Aeonyx though, I expect that ring weapon to go on her back xD.


The mix of browns here gives it a real natural vibe.

Also, just Fantastic parts use.

I didn’t actually know that…


I appreciate how you made famine bulky instead of thin and haggard, because, if they’re causing famine, why would they be skinny?


hehheh bloodborne weapon xD

I think it works well.

exactly! XD

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Thunder Thighs!!!


Huh. Not at all what I was expecting when I saw the title =P Interesting techniques used here and the use of that planet as a torso was rather genius. My biggest complaint is those Obiwan torso pieces in the back of the thighs and then I feel like there’s too much going on with the Dark orange, Metru brown and Mata brown (I think the feet are Avak Brown?). I’d recommend dropping the Mata brown, but that’s just my two cents XD

Good work.


This just looks really cool and creative. Love the use of the planet as the stomach.

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I’m noticing a trend.

All or almost all of your MOCs are female

I salute thee for this.

How the frick frack snick snack did you manage to build a full body around the planet piece like that’s amazing wth


I have decided that she also uses wheel for transportation.

Rolling around at the speed of sound, in an awkward forward leaping handstand type thing…


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he he… yeaaaaaah :smile:
I do have male characters, I promise. just for some reason I have way more fun mocing the female shape than anything. I am working on a male moc currently though, to try and shake that up because lately here has been a lot of girls :blush:

I plan on making a how-to video at some point, but basically it involves a lot of strange connections and using the studs on the top and bottom of the planet


I really like your MoCs! They are all so feminine and they all look so great! I also love the use of the Star Wars constraction pieces such as the Obi Wan torsos!

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Very unique, I’ve never seen anybody do this before. :stuck_out_tongue:

######SW Planets is better than SW Microfighters.


She certainly won’t be going hungry during a famine :stuck_out_tongue: