fant4stick (Fantastic Four 2015)

So, thoughts on this what is said to be horrible film?
Imma see it soon since the director released it on youtube(Got taken down but other sources wink wink, nudge nudge are out there)

Is it as bad as it is said to be or is it just meh?


I used to be excited because I had never seen utter travesty in a theater before but now I am not so hyped


I was excited because Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller was in it, and Josh Trank was directing.
The former 2 got nothing to do with their talent and the later was rumored to come in ####-faced to work and #### everything up, which really shows in the final product.

Worse thing is, FOx gets to keep the rights to the FF for another 7 years, robbing us fans of seeing Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer and Galactus and many more in the MCU.

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Well ain't that just fantastic. 8D


Freaking LAWL


Good thing I get my Doom and Galactus fix from MvC3

The only upside to this movie is that it has a higher score than Joe Dirt 2. Which is a 0%


My friend told me not to see this film, I really want to, but maybe I shouldn't, or I should, I dunno, I'll see...

so I assume some of you saw the horrendous f4 reboot that was worse than the original movie(s)


dr. doom design

writing this movie IN THE FIRST PLACE

ok that is too much (or is it idk) I had hopes for it the casting was great WERE DID THIS GO SO BADLY WRONG!

but srsly it had a good premise and I liked how they got their powers except for sue storm

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My friend said it's so bad that you can't even watch it just to laugh at how bad it is. It's so bad that the title of this topic doesn't deserve to have capital letters.

It's not even "so bad it's funny", it's so bad you wanna kill someone .
You just feel sad for the actors since they are actually talented

Yeah, that's what I said. My friend also said that eight people walked out of the theater.

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Seeing how Fant4stic has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, I really want to see this movie. (I love seeing bad movies)


Let me just say that I finally found someone else who calls this dumb movie fant4stic.

It was unnecessarily dark, stupid, and everything else everybody has been saying about it.

I can't wait 20 years from now when Marvel has all the movie rights to all their characters back and our kids get even better movies.


That title allows everyone to know that its Marketing was absolutely ridiculous. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


I want to rant about Fant4stic, so be prepared.

I love the Fantastic Four. They were some of the first comics I read, and they were amazing.

So when they announced this, I really wanted them to be back with Marvel. They don't work on their own, and they haven't for a long while. They're the cornerstone of the Marvel universe BECAUSE they work as universe characters. They introduce characters and concepts that impact the entire world - the Inhumans, Silver Surfer, Black Panther.

I was soooo afraid for this movie, because for a quick second it looked like it might be good.

Teller and Jordan are some of the most talented young actors out there. Kate Mara was great in House of Cards. Trank directed one of my favorite superhero films, Chronicle. The trailer actually looked creepy and horrific and thoughtful. This might be actually successful - and if it is, then Marvel is never going to get those rights back.

Then it got released. And the critics gave their reviews.

Cue rejoicing.

I saw it soon after. Didn't pay money for it - I didn't want to boost those initial box office numbers by any small number - but I saw it.

Imagine this. Imagine if some young, hipster, indie film developer who was a fan of horror made a Kickstarter. And in this Kickstarter, he's like "I want to do a science horror movie, but I also want to do a fan film." And he gets way more money than he expected and makes this fan film loosely based on the Fantastic Four.

That's what this is. It's a high budget fan film.

There's so much irreverence for the characters. They're kind of put into their general roles, but without much interaction. Reed is smart, except we never honestly see him be smart. We see that he creates some super science stuff, sure, but he never acts smart. We just see the results of what he builds and some sciencey exposition. Jonathan Hickman's run on Fantastic Four gave us a Reed who thought smart, a Reed who could see beyond what other people could see, and every interaction we saw of his reflected that. "Solve everything", he writes. Fant4stic Reed we see say a few complicated words, then we cut to something that he's apparently supervised and built. Doctor Storm tells the rest that Reed is back, and now they can continue the project - but he never states why that's important and what Reed brings that no one else has. You just cut to the finished machine, up and ready to go. Sue is shown with more intelligence than Reed is, figuring out his location and going to shut down the initial Negative Zone test.

Speaking of Sue and, that romance falls flat. Nearly all of the relationships fall flat. You can see Teller and Jordan fighting hard against the mundane back and forth of the lines (and Jordan, to be fair, fights hard) but it's only really half there. Sue and Johnny are estranged. Johnny and his dad are estranged. Reed and Ben are best friends, except Reed just abandons Ben, and then they're friends again? Reed and Johnny are...actually weirdly okay, for some odd reason? The one saving grace interaction is that brief moment where Johnny goes for a fist bump and Reed awkwardly pats his hand. That kind of moment is perfect - it's funny, it's original and it helps further those characters just in two seconds of interaction. The rest? Not so much.

There's a lot of emphasis placed on the military being evil, too. The Thing is recruited into the army and does missions for them - somehow, this is a bad thing just on principle of it being the military? And Johnny is also given multiple warnings by his father not to go through with it. Doctor Doom - excuse me - Victor Domashev (they reshot it to be Doctor Doom, as I recall) is also a anti-establishment hacker and activist.

Speaking of which...dear god, Doctor Doom. My ultimate favorite villain. Secret Wars had done him so well, and then...this comes along. He's a foreign student, with a crush on Sue. That works out for him. He also can kill people with his mind, unless they're the Fantastic Four. He looks terrible, he's not a memorable act, he's so bland. I can't take it. I can't. You ruined this, Trank. You had one chance, and you ruined it.

THAT BEING SAID, it does draw heavily from the Ultimate Fantastic Four version of the comics. And I actually like Ultimate Fantastic Four, except they did this way better. It's just...they're so irreverent. "It's clobberin' time!" is something Ben's abusive brother said before he beats him up. They decide to become the Fantastic Four because Victor gets them drunk. It's everything that I don't want to see from the Fant4stic Four - punk kids getting drunk and making terrible decisions.

Fant4stic is a horror movie. That's basically what it boils down to. Fant4stic is a spiritual successor to Chronicle, except with characters that don't have any personality, except with horrible CGI, except with a total irreverence and lack of love for the source material. It's slightly more enjoyable as a body-horror science flick, which some fanboy made with a bunch of Kickstarter money. The pacing is off, the script is flat, and the movie bombed. Surprise.

One last note. Fox wants to do an X-Men TV Show. Marvel has to sign off on an X-Men TV show. I think I know why Fox is still holding these rights up...



Why does Fox have to exist in this cruel world...

i want fantastic four, x men and deadpool in the mcu

cries in corner


wel said kahi, well said


I like the Fantastic Four, they brought many new concepts and ideas the the Marvel universe, though they lost a bit of relevance in the comics after Future Foundation.

At this point I dont even want the first family at Marvel Studios, since the MCU is going strong without its flagship characters(FF,X-men, Spidey). I do however want their side characters such as SuperSkrull, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom and Galactus in the MCU.

You basically nailed whats wrong with the film, it's not even a good representation of the Ultimate universe, since the Ultimate universe had a bit of charm and whimsy, while this is just 3EDGY5ME with sarcasm and sucj
"Look at Dr.Doom over here" -F*** off, Fox

I love the actors but the writing is horrible
0/8, bad b8 m8


well spidey is back with the MCU now wink