Fate Series Discussion


Popular anime/visual novel
Incredibly awesome.
Big fan of it.(if you couldn’t tell)

Anyone watch it?
Anyone played it?
Anyone get to the less appropriate parts of it?

Mark your spoilers.

Saber best girl.


Why do they all have to die, especially saber n Illya

How about we raise this to being just the ‘Fate/-’ series, since there’s also fate/zero, fate/hollow ataraxia and a few other series/related games…


also Gyro, d’you know how many saber/saber look-alikes there are?

so i got to “that part”
“that part” that this series is known for…



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Hey, it’s not that bad in the alternate universes

Well the Hollow Ataraxia Series…

but then there’s those other ones…

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Continuing the discussion from Archer the Antinomy:

Now that we’re outside, dude, it’s all about that Rin and Sakura.

guys guys

they’re all lovely

Obviously Illya Taiga is the true best girl

brb dying
Shoutout to that one Taiga dojo where she says her route was cut from the final release.


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let us agree that Gilgamesh is trash

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He got a little, well, abusive to Saber, but I love him as an antagonist. Plus he gets rekt hardcore in Heavens Feel.

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Fate is the reason I hate Gilgamesh as a whole

But in UBW when he rips out Illya’s heart. That was when I was ready to jump at the monitor to kick his butt.
EDIT: Added spoiler tags. Felt bad =P


It was then when I wished some shonen anime BS happened and Shirou would enter a super form or something


Avenger is better

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@LelouchViBritannia So then you played Heavens Feel and were satisfied? =P

Avenger was great but Lancer, Cú Chulainn, is still my favorite Servant. Being Irish, seeing the legend that I’d read so much about come to life in this weird Jap’d out way was bizarre and amazing. As far as accuracy to the legend, he’s probably the closest Servant to their mythological depiction. Not to mention that Gáe Bolg was done well too and Lancer himself is awesome in UBW, killing a man whilst he had no heart.

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ey, remember this?


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