Favorite Final Bosses

Spoiler tags are recommended, I guess.

Exactly as the title says, favorite final bosses.
To start, mine’s the Undead Core from Cave Story.
Oh, and Weil from Megaman Zero 4

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Gogmazios from MH4U (great game)

Took me 150+ hours to reach him and boy was he worth it.

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fallout 2 spoilers

the final boss fight in fall of cybertron

while not really strategic at all, it was just so awesome hacking at the leader of the autobots or decepticons


MGS4 Liquid Ocelot
brings back Good Memories


Borderlands 2:

The warrior, while tough, was a good fight (not super annoying), and I really enjoyed being able to kill handsome jack in one shot. Seriously, that was an awesome choice on Gearbox’s part.

Splatoon has a really nice final boss. The fight is fun, the character is fun, and I think he was foreshadowed really nicely.
The music’s pretty trippy, too.


Sidious in the Lego game.
Sure, you can’t die, but it was hard.

Oh boi so many to pick from, either Asriel dremurr from UNDERTALE, or General Gauis from Dust an Elysian Tail.

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Alduin, Harkon and Miraak, all from TES5: Skyrim, also I like the Minecraft Ender Dragon Boss fight, the Portal 2 Boss fight is just brilliant and StarCraft II has some pretty interesting designs, too :smile:


The only way to beat him was a combination of luck and determination.

Probably one of the few video game bosses that i felt a sense of accomplishment after defeating, because like the infamous Sonic 06 with Silver, it didn’t feel like you were meant to be able to defeat him.


Senator Armstrong was a really enjoyable boss battle, very climactic and over the top.


Zaktan from Inika Island Assault :stuck_out_tongue:


The Bowser Boss Fight in The New Super Mario Bros. U, because Kamen Koopa make him grow.

Diablo from Diablo II.

I honestly loved the final boss in Sonic and Knuckles.

######It’s the only video game I’ve actually played.

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This one is more Scary than my favourite
Marx from Kirby Superstar Ultra

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######But you can beat Silver…really easily.

My personal favorites include (and yes, a lot of these are Sonic):

  • The Dark Queen from Sonic and the Black Knight (for the music and the freaking joyride of just waggling the Wii Remote to my heart’s content)
  • Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure (again, music and nostalgia)
    -Wheately from Portal 2 (hilarious)
  • Nightmare from Kirby’s Nightmare in Dream Land
  • The Nega Wisp Armor from Sonic Colors (because I have that fight down to a science)
  • Death Egg Robot from Sonic 2
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Depends if you get caught in his ‘its no use’ move.


OOT Ganon

I can legitimately call this fight awesome.