Favorite Hero Factory villain

Now that I did a topic on the communities favorite BIONICLE villains, I though I'd give Hero Factory a shot. So, what's your favorite HF villain? Is it the power hungry Witch Doctor or the eerie Dark Maker (at least from what we've seen of him.

My favorite is Fire Lord, his backstory is interesting. Once a standard mining bot, he was modified to absorb fuel which led him power hungry. Not to mention, his personality is easily one of the more interesting of the HF villains, the megalomanical tendencies and threatening nature he possesses makes him SLIGHTLY akin to that of a BIONICLE villain.


I like the villains that used to be Heroes. Like Von Nebula and Core Hunter.

I was hoping to see the return of Von Nebula, but it never happened.


Oh look it's rotor as my #1 pick. I thought he was a great parts pack, and was a little unique with the propellers smile I think he was also the only set I liked in normal orange, for Hero Factory anyways.


I still want to get him for his pieces.

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dangit you stole my joke
I all seriousness I like dark mirror demention Von Nebula and core hunter


"It's Rotor; has a rotor on his back, has a rotor on his back."

Don't forget Makuta Jetbug and his Nui-Jamas.

And Von Nebula needing a lawnmower.

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I don't care about Hero Factory, but I find this guy to look pretty cool.


Core Hunter. The idea of some guy running around tearing the cores out of the Heroes' chests sounds pretty cool.


I liked Vapor.

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Core Hunter FTW.


My favourite is Fire Lord for the same reasons that @Stoax said in the first post.

A close second would be Corroder, probably due to the fact the is probably the most effective non-leader villains to stand his own against the heroes (heck he brought Bulk, Stringer, and Surge down to their knees back in "Core Crisis").

Plus, I admire his sheer unrelenting drive to straight-up destroy the heroes, even when they put up their "Hero Cell" (force field) Corroder goes into full rage mode and tries crushing them with girders, and drowning them in acid ("I don't care if it takes all day...I am going to DESTROY you!"). He only retreated when faced with a whole army of heroes (a bluff set by Furno). Gotta love a villain with determination.

It was a shame that he was defeated so easily in the last episode along with all the other "extremely dangerous" villains.


Let's see...

In no particular order we have:
Fire Lord (for reason's stated above, and he had some good lines),
Corroder (for reason's stated above, and he had one or two great lines),
Waspix (for no reason other than I find it adorable from some angles),
and the Witch Doctor (he was the biggest HF Villain we got, plus his character [like most of the rest of 'em] had great potential).


I've always had a strong liking for Core hunter, he was just an overall cool character whether you are talking about set or story. I really liked how he was portrayed in "The Doom Box", and the book itself was great.

I also like the Dark Mirror version of Von Nebula. I like the whole thing about him messing with the Black Hole Staff and having it go terribly wrong.


My favorite is Black Phantom. He had a cool mask and weapons, he was the first set I ever ordered online, plus he seems like a villain with an actual plan, something I didn't see very well executed in some other villains.



you're forgetting the best hf villain

Interpolar Bear


Really now, aren't you forgetting about



I don't like any of them, but @ToaKylerak LOVES Von Nebula. Don't you, Kylerak?

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^this. He was easily the darkest villain HF ever had. It's a shame he never got shown in the TV series.


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