Favorite Historical Event?

So since we have this:
I decided we probably needed this too.
So from wars to treaties what are your favorite historic events?

Mine would have to be the War of 1812

cause Canada :stuck_out_tongue:


The American revolution. Cause Murica’!


I’m currently interested in both world wars, mainly the history of both war, certain tactics and weaponry used, etc.


In 1998, the greatest of historical events took place

I emerged from my mother’s womb


O also a question for any Americans:
I’ve heard that in America the War of 1812 isn’t mentioned very often and when it is it’s considered a tie. Is this true?

That’s true. Probably because the war of 1812 didn’t really have any lasting influence on anything.

Well I mean Canada still exists… I’d consider that lasting…


The day i was born


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Everbody lost, except the U. K. realized that they really couldn’t fold the U. S. A. back into the empire, and I think they stopped impressing sailors. Oh yeah, and an entire British army got wiped out after the treaty was signed or something.


It is true, I mean, they were too lazy to think up a name besides “The War of 1812”

My favorite historical event is the creation of Lego


Well I mean America tried to invade and they were stopped…
By that logic wouldn’t every war be a tie because of casualties :stuck_out_tongue:

I am actually starting to learn about this is class. There wasn’t really a winner. Britain and America both signed a peace treaty, ending the war.


America tried to invade

Britain tried to defend

Seeing as I’m not American I’d say that Britain won :stuck_out_tongue:

Us 'muricans learn that no one really won, but they teach it differently elsewhere.


Mine would be The 7 Years War.

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Probably the ratification of the 13th and 19th amendments.

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*Britain was kidnapping American soldiers and putting them on British Ships
*Americans Protested
*British attack Americans (in ships or in America itself, I dunno)
*Americans, in retaliation, attacked Canada
*British burned Washington D. C.
*Americans kill Native Americans
*Naval warfare everywhere
*Treaty signed
*British army destroyed in New Orleans

Seeing as we hear no more about Americans being kidnapped by British sailors I’d say America won, but it really was a draw.

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Lets just agree to disagree :expressionless:

Let’s just agree that there were a certain set of historical facts that have been interpreted in many different ways, and that certain aspects are emphasized more in particular cultures, because somewhere deep within what we said is a net group of facts.

Yep here in Canada we focus on the fact we were attacked and “won”

While in America (I assume) they focus on the fact they were attacked and attacked back and “won”

Sadly when the finish line is blurred and both teams “win” we forget truth because history is written by the victors…