Favorite Podcast Title?

What’s your favorite title from any TTV Podcast episode? Mine is “Eljay’s Bed and Breakfast” :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t see a point to this, just remember that there is none. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m quite a large fan of “Inb4 Nope” for the shenanigans that happened in that episode. “Jolly Gee Giants” was also cool. “Eljay’s Got No Sweater” is also a classic.

Man… we have a lot of funny titles, lol



I think my favourite is #98 - Creeping in My Nindroid


Eljay ain’t got no sweater, I never laughed so much during that episode xD


Episdode 40: “Episode Name Copyrighted by Varderan”

I could explain the episode, but he’ll probably just copyright everything I say again :stuck_out_tongue:

-Signature Copyrighted by Varderan


Episode 92: For the Glory of Mother China

I love that episode title. Partially because it’s my quote, but also because the little Ninjago thumbnail looks like there is an Asian minifigure properly bestowing the glory of Supreme Leader to the commonfolk.


I personally really enjoyed “Before Hero Factory, There Was Earth” and the jokes that spawned said name.

It’s pretty hard to beat “French Hicks and Achy Breaky Bricks” though.

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I agree with French Hicks and Achy Breaky Bricks, because I made the first half of the name

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They’re all funny, but the Master Cheese Collection and Nindroid joke one are my favorites

I enjoyed 106’s title.


My quote inspired this fanart, so I also approve of this


The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. One with a collar, turtleneck! That’s the kind. Cuz when you’re wearing! Your… special… sweater…

I found it XD


Episode 54: Bird Tanks and Croc Planes

Yowza, I’m gonna have to think about this one…

Either: The Three Virtues -28- Smear the Blood of the Fruit, or,
The Three Virtues -30- Blade Edge Curve, or,
The Three Virtues -32- Two Birds With Knives, or…
Ya know what, I like all of them, these are just three that I picked out because they were on the front page of their YouTube channel.

Bird Tanks and Croc Planes

I forgot I will also say Nyra the Lunch Bully because that was one I singlehandedly made

the rise of applego


I’m not sure if I am the only one, but I liked “Eljay hates the smell of nose”. All of you claim it was a dull episode but I actually really enjoyed that video and thought it was funny.
The other ones I liked are “Creeping in my Nindroid”, and “Glow in the teeth dark”.

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The Rise of Applego. Thankfully to @Eljay, we now know just exactly how big the conspiracy goes.

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